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Name: Lory
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all was quiet on the homefront....

The x strikes again! She called yesterday and said my step-son needs a root canal. OK, I'm thinking he's in pain, take him...don't let him suffer! The probem is....she cannot be trusted! I asked how do you know he needs a root canal? Well, uh, I took him to the dentist last week...they could not work on him b/c my insurance won't cover him b/c well, you guys are the primary insur. holders. Ok, I know that to be true about the insurance....but, for crying out loud. You made the kid wait?!?! If the kid needs a root canal...which causes major pain....I personally would have just said go ahead and fix him, don't let him suffer...'ll cover the cost! Obviously something fishy going on here. Don't quite know what it is yet...but I can only imagine. Unless...they need him to take an antibiotic to clear up infection before doing the root canal? IDK? I did tell her to please take him to an in-network dentist...which she most likely won't b/c she knows we are responsible for 69% of care. Just a big stupid game she plays...to keep us paying more since we got the support modified.

A few years ago she took all of the kids to an out of network dentist which costs waaay more...didnt' tell us for almost a year. Let the bill go to collections and gave them our address...that is how we found out actually. We now have a lien on our place for 2x the original bill...b/c we refused to pay the FULL amount. And who can afford big $ attorneys, to go to court?! To top it all off...that was the 2nd of 2x she has taken the kids to the dentist in their entire lives! And, we have carried insurance the whole time! Yup, she uses the "dentist" to cause us grief when she wants to stir up crap! Instead of taking them regularly. This is exactly the kind of venomous crap I have dealt with for 13yrs.! Sorry had to vent this a.m.stressing, wondering what poo-poo she is up to! I'm not whining...I'm pissed...and don't want to argue with hubby over it today...b/c it is out of his hands! Thanks in advance for all input...if any. lol
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Name: Lory | Date: May 15th, 2007 2:43 PM
Obviously this isn't the whole picture...but, they are "HER" kids, he only becomes Dad, when she feels it's time to stir the pot. Then it's he's your father, he should be able to pay for it! We are not allowed to take them ourselves. That is why she waits, and uses these things...b/c she knows it hits us the hardest when it's unexpected, and knows we are not made of $! And, GOD knows she's tried everything else in the past. This is what she has found works. b/c who will deny the child going to the dentist? Not us. I need to get off here...or I'll be ranting all day. Sorry 

Name: Serina S | Date: May 15th, 2007 3:57 PM
Hi Lory
You can give her a list of dentist that she can go to and have hubby tell her if she goes some place else you will not pay. Also it may only take a phone cal from your lawyer to striaghten all this out. Call them and ask them if or how much a ltr would cost you ..it may be less then the Dr visits.
The x tried to pull this with us and we will only pay for participating DRs. If she can not falloew the rules then tell her you will be taking the kids to the Drs .
Also if you give her an insureance card any one can take him to the drs...actualy if he is a regular patiient anyone can take him he would not have to wait. Yep he woul need meds if it was infected.
Man I wish we could lock both of our hubbies x s in a room ..they would kill each oother for sure !!! They are too alike!

Better yet call the dentist to find out if they are with your insureance co. 

Name: Lory | Date: May 15th, 2007 7:30 PM
Thanks for your input Serina, I so much appreciate it!
She does have medical and dental cards. I have to send them certified mail @ 4 bucks a pop every time she "loses" hers. She apparently does not realize the work and cost of those lil cards! Why should she? She's not working or paying for it! Every time there has been a medical or dental issue with the kids....she has us go through all of this crap... b/c she lost the cards, or claims she didn't get them in the mail! It's like...you signed for them dumb a$$! I have the receipt! Sorry Serina, this has been the same story for a very long time. Your right our x's would both end up taking each other out!

It all is so frustrating and ridiculous. Thank goodness we only have 3 more years financially tied to her. Then...we can pick and choose whether we can afford or want to help the kids with anything. How sick and disgusting...huh? That is the position their mother has put us in. But, until then...we have to deal with the bitter x! Apparently, she called the hubby and the appt. is today with "our" dentist. That's a positive for now.

Thanks again for your advice. I'm going to go try and somehow unwind for now. Take Care! xoxo 

Name: Lizzi | Date: May 16th, 2007 4:29 PM
Hi Lory hun! Why don't you take the kids to their dentist/dr.'s whenever they need something,this way you KNOW they will be going to an INSIDE network physician and won't have to worry about being screwed over by the vendictive witch?
Can you get it changed to where the bills for the kids are split 50/50,that way you and miss vendictive have to pay equal amounts,so maybe she will choose within the network to save on her own wallet and not just yours? Just an idea hun! 

Name: Lory | Date: May 17th, 2007 1:15 PM
Hey there Lizzi! How ya been doin? Thanks for your input, it's nice to hear from you.

Yeah, man....would we love to have it 50/50. But, according to the laws in this state, it's divided on who makes more. The courts call it "fair and equitable?" Whatever. Thank the almighty he makes more b/c ....otherwise we would be living under a bridge! But, then again he works 2 jobs. Huh! As far as taking them ourselves we have pleaded, and pleaded to do so. But, of course my step-son doesn't desire to contact us...unless it's a holiday. And well, we try to contact him...to no avail. (x's brainwashing) Basically Lizzi, this is the way she has found to somewhat control our purse strings for the next 3 yrs. b/c we had her support modified from 3 kids to 1. I guess she thought we were going to just "let it go" for the next few years. Shoot...she's the type to knock his teeth out herself just to claim....he needs work! That's the brutal truth!
Thanks again Lizzi...I hope you are well. Take Care! 

Name: Lory | Date: May 19th, 2007 3:14 AM

Name: JESSE | Date: May 20th, 2007 3:58 AM
All I can say is that I hate any woman who feels the need to stick it to the father of her children just because she is bitter and unhappy. If I could sue over pain and suffering over this type of crap I would be a rich woman. I have not figured out a way to stop these vindictive b*tches, but when I do, I will share the wisdom. Even getting custody wouldn't stop them completely. Why can't there be a law against using kids to play a game and screw over the other parent and thier family? 

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