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I've been married for a year and a half and I'm very confused. I don't know rather to leave or stay. My husband and I are going thru a very tough time right now and it's due to me NOT trusting him. I would like honest advice so I will give the story from beginning to end. B4 my husband and I even got married he betrayed me multiple times by spending night outs, dissapearing, standing me up,stealing and selling my things. I later learned he was on concaine/crack (not sure which one, but he smoked it with weed) I learned this from one day popping up at court when he had to go. I only popped up because he insisted so bad for me not to come, he would be fine, so I felt he was hiding something and he was...DRUGS. This hurted because he didn't tell me himself, and I had no clue, I thought he was cheating the whole time. He still could have been but I have no proof of that. Anyway...time went by he had to do 2 months in jail, and I waited for him thinking we could get over this and build our communication, well he continued the same habits after he got out of jail, which led to us arguing and fighting. I would get so upset when I cought him in a lie and I could hit him. So he eventually hit me back, then my abuse to him became us fighting, and it occasionally happend. Meanwhile we were engaged at the time, we got engaged 6 months after dating. I had a talk with him and told him he needed to cut the cocaine habit because its hurting our relationship and he did...to this day I have no signs of him doing it, he occasionally did weed, and I was aware of that, at this point our communication was great, so he did weed until he once stood me up for it, then he let it go because he said he didnt want the same pattern to happen. So now we're married right....what's the problem? well the problem is after being married to him for 9 months found out that he's been getting high off of Benadryl pills. I found empty packs under our washer/dryer, I had a talk with him about it and told him he could come talk to me when he's going thru that as I always told him, but he doesn't. I'm still finding that he's using the pills and again we're arguing and fighting. Now he's starting to tell me that he's not in love with me anymore, wants a divorce, and hates our marriage because I start fights with him. I do admit that I accuse him of everything, stealing, cheating, and using drugs, I don't mean to but my trust is broken. He has even stole Benadryls out of the market, so now when he goes I think he's still stealing them, sometimes I say it other times I don't. But my problem is now..I know he's not in love with me anymore, he says it when we fight and he says I'm the blame because I hit him in the past. I feel wrong for that, but I get angry when he lies to me. So now...because he's told me so much that he doesn't love me, not in love with me, ect. I to the point I barely want to make love. Not to mention I am now 15 weeks pregnant and I may be having hormone changes I dont know. But it's becoming an issue to him. One he want to have sex when he wants to (late at night when I dead tired) no romance, just sex. He never takes me out, he's very anti-social, and I feel neglect, like he work means more to him than me at times. I dont feel beautiful to him anymore at all, so I dont want to have sex. I dont even know if I want my marriage now. My feeling have been hurt by the lies, verbal abuse, mental abuse, and most of all I feel guilt for the fights I've started, what should I do? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Name: Denise | Date: Nov 27th, 2013 10:21 AM
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