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Name: jacey | Date: Jun 14th, 2009 4:06 AM
I am so glad to have found this site. i thought no one could understand how much i hurt. i am 32 and my husband is 48. my son is 15, i had him when i was 17. my husband has a 25 yr. old son. i want a daughter so bad. i have felt as if i lost a child, i've never met. i don't think my husband could begin to understand the hurt i feel. five yrs. ago we talked about adopting from china. i was so happy. when it came to making an appoitment with the agency he said he didn't want to commit to having another child. his compromise has been foster care. i've spent these five yrs. dealing with the hurt and decided to try the foster care becasue it is my only chance at having a daughter. i would take the chance of having a boy to have a baby with him. i didn't get to expericance the pregnacy i had with my son as joyful, i would love to share that with my husband. i can't help but to question if he loves me why will he not give this to me?
why is it that it has to be what he wants. should i be content with the fact that he is willing to do foster care and possibly adopt some day? i just wish i could make this hurt go away and be happy with my life. my husband is a good man who loves me and provides for me and my son. i have thought maybe i would be more happy with someone more my age who wants to have a baby. but i couln't see myself leaving the blessed life that I do have. so ths is why i wish i could let it go. i'm even in couseling because of this. i don't think i can ever explain to my husband how much i hurt, that i do cry myself to sleep sometimes, that is causes so much depression for me. i don't want to be 60 and regret not having another child, i don't want to cause distance in our marriage, but how can it be anyother way. 

Name: Dolly | Date: Jun 14th, 2009 5:04 AM
How long are you willing to try for this girl and how many pregnancies are you willing to try for? What if the next two are boys? Then what? 

Name: tumor | Date: Jun 14th, 2009 5:16 AM
OG, exactly what possessed you to search the internet about babies and those wanting them if you detest children so much? Subconscious yearning or something? Doesn't make much sense why a bitter bag would come on here just to rant about babies if she wasn't thinking about them! LOL 

Name: wannababy | Date: Jun 16th, 2009 4:36 PM
Our situations are similar. I’m 34. I have a 14 year old son. I desperately want another child as well. We had an “accidental” pregnancy a few years ago that ended as quickly as it began. Before then – I perused adoption sites.. longed in quiet.. but since then – the longing has taken over and I can’t be quiet about my want for more children – and my husband is dead set against it. I can’t get past the resentment.. but I do love him dearly. Every day – the resentment grows – as does my desire to have more children. I have scheduled an appointment for counseling for myself.. but I believe my choices are limited to. I can stay and resent him and cause us both unhappiness. I can leave and find love with someone who shares in my desire. I see no way past the resentment and I refuse to continue on feeling the way I do. My feet have been planted though – because of concern for how my son will feel. I couldn’t be much more torn. 

Name: melissa | Date: Jul 5th, 2009 5:03 AM
no i dont think you are men dont understand what kind of bond mothers have with there daughters they get to have special bonds with there sons but wont allow us to try again for a girl i have three sons and i want a girl but my husband doesnt care to think of want i want only him thats how men are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Name: trowa | Date: Jul 13th, 2009 8:38 PM
To the original poster - you already have 2 (presumably) healthy children, why do you need a third? It's not for the child's sake - it's all about YOUR needs, and YOUR need to be glorified. Nobody ever thinks of whether it's fair to the child.

You can't control your urges - well, men are supposedly wired to spread their seed around. if you want all the baybees you can handle, you'd better let your wallet - oh, I mean HUSBAND - go satisfy HIS urges with all the women he wants.

Go kill yourself, selfish breeder moos. 

Name: frustrated | Date: Jul 17th, 2009 7:27 PM
my husband i got married a year ago. while we were dating, i made it very clear i wanted more children, i currently have one and my husband has one that lives with his mother. He had a vasectomy years ago but befor e we were married he promised to have it reversed. Now he says it is a bad time in the economy but i can tell from certain things he said he doesn't want anymore. He understood that there were relationships in the past that i ended because they didn't want more children. I think it is unbeleivably unfair to lead me on so we could get married i know now that his heart is not on having more. can i live with that or will i resent him for protraying something false? 

Name: frustrated | Date: Jul 17th, 2009 7:49 PM
i just wanted to add that i changed my entire life to be with him and sometimes i feel it is under false pretenses that i chose him. I had my son at a very young age and had to raise him on my owb for ten years. I chose veryb carefully the person that would be his father anbd made sure our needs were common. now i find out they are not. in love myn husband more than words and am having a hard timr to even type the words that i might think he was being manipulative,m what do ni do? feeling very sad and depressed. 

Name: I Feel All Alone | Date: Jul 18th, 2009 6:13 AM
okay whoever this trowa is, didn't your mom teach you that if you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all, your words are very harsh and unfair. I don't think you're getting it, it's not right that the man/husband and or boyfriend gets to make the final decision for the whole family and that's it. All these men have this picture in their minds of the perfect family, perfect job, the nice house with the white picket fence but does that picture include their partners? Obviously not or they would be open to discussion or even try to consider having another baby. You don't know these women or their situations, you don't know how much money they have or if the woman works. I have two children and would love to have another but like all these other women my husband gets the final word and I just have to sit by and take it. As for my husbands "wallet", I contribute almost as much as he does to his wallet and I don't know about these other women but his wallet is as much his as it is mine. I really don't think you belong in this chat, you need to maybe be on the site for women haters, or on the site to rent a woman to "spread your seed". I'm just assuming that by your message to all of us "selfish breeder moos" that you are single and probably be so for a very long time if not forever, because If you spoke to any woman like that, hopefully she would have the common sense not to be with you. I understand that you may be very lonely and maybe you should go see somebody about this so it doesn't eat you up inside, and stay off of this site, bucause really, what you say is not going to change how we feel. 

Name: lol | Date: Jul 22nd, 2009 11:18 PM
simple...sleep whit annother person and get pregnant of course it will screw evry thing up but hey you might get an daughter..LOL 

Name: neo | Date: Aug 18th, 2009 11:59 PM
i want another baby but my husband dos not.what should i do? 

Name: mommy05 | Date: Sep 14th, 2009 3:14 AM
Hello I just read your post and can relate to you. I have a 4 yr. old boy that I love dearly. I want a little girl to have that special bond with as well. I want it so bad that it hurts. My husband is not ready to have another one yet if ever. I am thinking if ever. He knows how upset I am about the situation and I feel rejected by him. We went through a tough financial patch a couple of years ago so I feel that he is scared of that again. I am not sure what to do. I just got ride of all my sons clothes and baby gear because I really do not think he will change his mind. How do you deal with such a pain. Its a human being that I want and he thinks it can wait. WE are running out of time. I never dreamed of my kids being that far apart. I am a girl of 6 kids and he is one of 5 kids. I couldnt imagine growing up any other way. I am only asking for one more even if its a boy I just would like one more to be content. (If it were my way I would have 3 total). PLease help me. Thank You! 

Name: Loretta | Date: Sep 26th, 2009 3:38 AM
My husband and I had our first baby 15 years ago. We were busy making money for some years, and kept putting off baby making, but at some point I decided that I wanted another child. He kept putting it off and would get very angry when I brought the subject up. I kept asking for a child for three years! Finally, he gave in and I got pregnat three years ago (my son is now 2+ years old). My kids are 13 years apart and they have only a small connection between them. My daughter grew up as an only child and I see my son being very lonely too. His sister is a teenager with her own friends and interests! I want another baby so my son can have a playmate, but my husband is again negative and almost hostile when I try to talk to him about this. He quit sleeping with me so he wouldn't have sex with me on my fertile days. At other times he does have sex with me but he quits the last minute so as not to make me pregnant. I feel terrible emotional pain from all this and I think it is a form of emotional abuse. He got into a marriage relationship with me and that entails chiidlren, he knew that from the very beginning. My needs (emotional, sexual, etc) are just as valid as his needs (to be carefree?). My children`s need to have siblings are also valid. Since we have paid off our home and have some savings, I think that he is not taking as much a financial risk as he thinks he is. I make good money myself, so I can help raise the children, he won`t carry the load by himself. Lately, I find the resentment towards him to be overwhelming. I cannot love a person that causes me so much pain. He is not considerate of my feelings, my needs, my dreams, just his own. But marriage is a unity, when both persons have equal rights. He is older than me. Great. I am not ready to retire and take it easy. I feel stronger than ever and my happiness depends on having chidlren. I love him and I don't want to raise my children without a father, but I think it is not fair to me to give up on my dreams because of him. This is a sacrifice that I am not prepare to make. I talked to him about the pain that I feel, about how bad I need a child, about how depressed I get at the thought of not holding another child in my arms for ever and ever. I begged and I pleaded. I got angry and threatened to divorce. It has been a year now that he plays games trying to avoid getting me pregnant: pretending he is tired, pretending he does not get an erection, drinking alcohol, etc. I had enough. I have come in contact with a fertility clinic and I explained to them that I need an artificial insemination. I will try this way. All I want is to hold a baby in my arms and forget how mean he has been. 

Name: Broken Heart | Date: Oct 9th, 2009 2:17 PM
WOW, i thought I was alone. I am 32 and my husband is 10 yrs older. We have three beautiful boys and we BOTH love them so much. I am finally a stay at home mom and have so much time and love to give. PROBLEM = I want one more and he detest the idea and thinks I am completely selfish. I am the youngest of 6 kids and he is one of 2 kids. I was pregnant in June of this yr and 14 weeks into the pregnancy I had a miscarriage. The worst day ever for me - the happiest day for him. He said that he would love the 4th just as much as the other 3 but feels that we should just focus on the three and I should be happy with what we have. I AM BUT I feel that I have so much love, energy and attention to give to my 3 boys and one more. I do not want to "convince" my husband to have another child, I know what kind of resentment toward me that would lead to. BUT I cannot be married to someone and live a life with them knowing that we both are not on the same wave length. How do I move forward? what do I do? My heart is broken and I cannot stop thinking about leaving him 

Name: Theresa Leonetti | Date: Oct 10th, 2009 4:37 AM
I am married for almost 14 years this november i have 2 beauiful girls.Sadly on a beauiful sunny day i had a miscarriage,i was 8weeks the year 2007.My husband was on board to try again mind you i resigned at my job because the pain and hurt was overbaring.

We where in the middle of .... and he told me that we are not trying no money but came to this decision on his own.

For years now i am in counseling regarding the hurt of my miscarriage and the hurt of him cutting me off.

We have been talking but everytime i mention baby he flips out i say he broke his vow to me and moraly he is wrong.

I am 44 years old and time is running out I pray every day for a sign and it always brings me back to trying for a boy he wont even try for 6 months. I am so hurt and confused by all this.

So any one who can help in your word please do because if he wanted more and I didnt because he is my husband I would.


Name: ebaby | Date: Oct 13th, 2009 1:24 AM
Theresa, I am in the same boat as you. I feel as if my husband has taken away, my option to have any more children, just because he doesn't want any more. We have two kids, a boy and a girl. Most people would say "aren't you happy with that?". Yes, I am. But women have a maternal instinct. Something they feel inside them, that NO MAN would ever understand. I have always known I wanted to have 3 children. Even when I was pregnant with my second, I knew in my heart that it wouldn't be the last. Now, because my husband doesn't want anymore, I am supposed to be ok with that? I don't want to be 50, and look back and say, I wish I had had another. Or why did I stay with a man who doesn't want children? Needless to say, even though we have 2, that decision never came easy. That was a struggle all its own. The first was not planned, more of a surprise. We got married and all was well. Then when I was ready for a 2nd, he kept putting it off, and putting it off. I really wanted to have a baby that we both wanted to try for. Finally when he was kind of ready, I had to beg him to be with me to make it happen. To make it worse, I had 3 early miscarages over the year it took to get pregnant. Every time I got pregnant, I was worried it wouldn't last. Then I had to beg to try again...Finally my son was born, 5 years apart from my first. Now he is almost 3, and I am ready. I want to have the third now and be done. Not separate them so far apart, but he isn't willing. He told me today that he knows he doesn't want any more. He said he loves his kids, but if he had to do it all over again, he wouldn't. So I am at a crossroads. Leave and be happy, or stay and always wonder... 

Name: KLT1027 | Date: Oct 27th, 2009 4:26 AM
My husband got a vasectomy 10+ yrs before we got married. We did research on reversing the vasectomy but, the procedure is not promised to work. Plus it is too expensive. It has become a stressor in our relationhip. I don't have any children. He has two children from two previous relationships. I always wanted a house whole of children. We have been trying to adopt for three years. My husband don't appear interested in adopting a child. If, my husband refuses to adopt our marriage will be over. Please talk to your husband about getting a vasectomy . Look at the consequences of receiving a vasectomy. It will truely affect your relationship. 

Name: Kara | Date: Nov 9th, 2009 8:30 PM
Orwell---I cannot even begin to relate to you. I think you are so selfish. You made a decision to have unprotected sex in a committed relationship. You knew that their was a risk that your wife could become pregnant! You need to suck it up and get over yourself. This child needs to feel loved and welcomed even before he or she arrives. This is you and your wife's baby you are talking about. Get over yourself and the what ifs and the resentment. It is what it is!
I have four sons and would love to have another child. Sure I would love a girl, but I would equally welcome another son. My husband is totally against having another child. I will not pressure him into it because I don't want him to resent me. If I was to force him I would be telling him that my feelings are more important than his and that is simply not true. This is a decision we both need to be on board with. 

Name: mona | Date: Dec 1st, 2009 11:55 PM
A sales girl call my husband and he says I donot know her and she got my number from a coupin foir gift filled who is wrong 

Name: upset | Date: Dec 7th, 2009 2:35 PM
I just found out that I am pregnant and currently have two step-children. When my husband told them this weekend, he told me that he was going to tell them because they are his family. He then sat there and told them that they were going to have a baby brother or sister and that they were going to get to pick the baby' name. This is my first child, and now I feel bad because my seven year old step daughter wants to name the baby Aaron and I do not like that name. She is going around telling everyone that is going to be the baby's name. How do I approach the fact that I am not happy that he told the children that they were going to get to name the baby and left me out of the decision? 

Name: Jadis | Date: Dec 9th, 2009 5:21 PM
I have lots of thoughts on this subject.

I've been married twice, the first time shouldn't have happened in the first place, but after the marriage took place, I was informed that children weren't wanted. Same attitude as alot of men who've posted here, "they exhaust you, kids are work, they poop/pee" WELL, I packed my bags and LEFT! AND YEHAW, it was the BEST thing I ever did (mind you I was still young and had no children to worry about with the divorce) I left him blubbering away, and thought Good riddance to you, let him die alone in the old folks home when he's old, having no kids to change HIS poopy diaper.

SO, I married again, and he's a good father/provider and he a man who Is my true first love, in love with, love with all my heart. He has a daughter from a previous marriage, and I remember the feelings back then too. As much as I love his daughter...I don't feel like her mother. So, he understood this and gave me a beautiful son who's 9 yrs old now. 2 years later, another son was born. So, we're happy with our two boys.

NOW this is where communication is so vital. This is how I remember it, ....

When my youngest was 2 and a half, I remember my husband saying, "Well, time for another baby." And I was floored, because we went through a rough patch and our marriage was really tested, and I felt like we were just coming through it and didnt' want to chance another baby "yet." So, we didn't.

Time went on, and he came home one day from work and said he wanted to try for a girl....that he could get his sperm spun. So, off to a specialist we went to, and we were told that it's no longer available in Canada. So, we put the idea of a baby on hold again. He wanted a third, but he wanted it to be a girl, but he didn't want to just wing it. I was a bit relieved, because again, I didn't feel like I had the energy yet for another one. I had no problem waiting to see what our hearts held.

SO, time went on, and we thought we didn't want anymore after a while....my husband turned 40 and I was in my 30's. We made an app't to get him a vasectomy.....I honestly felt neutral about it at the time ( I could go both ways, I knew both boys would be in FT school soon, so I'd have energy for another one, but was happy as well if we didn't). My husband was getting to the point where he was feeling old and didn't want to wait anymore, it was now or never he said SO....I thought i'd leave it up to him, I can't stand guilt. Well, he came out of the doc's and said he didn't make the appt, because he thought I wanted another baby. SO, we drove away, deciding we would try for another one. It didn't happen, and after 3 months, we decided to wait because we were going on our first big trip soon and didn't want to be in "early" pregnancy mode. Anyways....we went on our wonderful trip, and since then my husband has said he now doesn't want a baby because he's enjoyed travelling so much, that that's what he wants to do now. Well, I agreed halfheartedly....i'm terrible at decisions, but agreed that maybe 2 boys are enough. (i've never had that big desire for a girl, i'm happy with my boys and more boys would have been fine with me too)

Anyways, SO, this past month my period was late. I started to think I was pregnant. I layed awake one night for hours feeling all sorts of feelings. I felt scared and guilty for my husband...thinking that he wouldn't be happy now....that he won't get his travelling in, etc. But, on the other hand, I couldn't believe how happy and excited I felt inside. As time went on, I got my period and we weren't pregnant. But, since that has happened....I "know" that I would be happy having another baby. It totally changed my perspective on things. So, I brought it up one morning....I said, "y'know what? I truely know I could have another one, and feel like I could handle it since both boys are in FT school now." WELL, he totally flew off the handle (mind you I am one of those women that can change their minds min. by min.) HE says that it was all ME who wanted this baby ( even the last couple years) and honestly, I "thought" it was HIM who wanted a girl baby. I'm totally baffled that we could go 4 yrs discussing this, and "think" that the "other" person wanted a baby. We didn't just talk for a couple min's here and there, these were HUGE discussions lasting hours at a time sometimes. Drives from one Province to another....talking and talking..I honestly got sick of talking (and I'm a woman) But, I really thought it was HIM that wanted the baby. Anyways, my point is, communication is vital. And I thought we were communicating so well. And I still think he's twisted it around some....why come home from work and say you want your sperm spun when i'm just sweeping the floor thinking about supper? I don't think it was "me" who wanted another one, until just now. Here I felt all at peace inside when I knew in my heart that I had no more doubts regarding having a third. But, I guess things change....

SO, right now.....I "guess" i'll make the vasectomy appt for him today. I don't want to, because since I had that late period, I know i'd love to have another one. BUT, on the other hand, I'm not willing to go through another rough patch in our marriage (kids do strain) if he's not on board ( and with our talks???? I totally thought he was) Do I feel some hurt/anger/resentment? yes!! For sure I do. I'm not sure if it's because he's decided no more kids? OR if it's because after all our talks...he says it was ME who wanted one????.....I feel like I must have been having a total different conversation, and honestly, that scares me that we can talk soooo much and for so long, and then think we're on the same page, and arent'???? I also feel very angry that he made me think so hard about having another one, and then now NO?

But now this morning, in a new light...... maybe it's good we weren't pregnant...imaine if we were and I had thought he was on the same page as me.......thought that this was somebody HE wanted for the past couple years???? And it turned out it wasn't what he wanted but thought I wanted? I couldn't even imagine the fights and blame we could have slung at each other. Would I want someone yelling at me and breaking things while I'm trying to breastfeed? No. It's the worst feeling in the world. ( I'd like to think we worked through alot of that with our talks....but the way our commincation looks....I don't completely trust that now) Don't misunderstand, ...we get along great, but when we're both exhausted/tired (and you are for about a year or so) it's hard to get along with one another.

I think bigger families are great. My grandmother had 11 children, and Christmas was always a full house, full of lots of laughter. I worry that i'll regret not having a larger family when i'm old, but I do want to keep the current family I have together, I love my husband and family.

I do have to ask this Q to alot of the men here who don't want kids......who's going to help you and look after you and visit you when you're old? When you can't see to drive, or see to take money out of your bank acct? When you can't hear the doctor telling you how to take your pills? Who's going to care when you are dying alone in a room?

Sure, kids are a huge responsibility, but if you raise them right, with LOTS of love, they'll return the favour one day, and you'll have the joy of their company, laughter, comfort in your old age. After all, children are not just kids, they're people. 

Name: erin | Date: Dec 22nd, 2009 6:25 AM
I'm in a similar situation. I have a two year old son with my husband. I am 37, he is 38. I want another child, but he doesn't. He knew that I wanted two. Before marriage, we agreed to this. He has since changed his mind, saying he is satisfied with one child. Financially we can afford five children if we wanted them. He just feels like he isn't ready for anotehr child, that he may never be, and that he really doesn't want another one. I don't know what to do. I am so unhappy, and he tells me i am greedy for wanting another, when we already have one! 

Name: poke | Date: Dec 23rd, 2009 5:50 PM
Kids are something that TWO people decide on and BOTH have to be happy with it. Some women try to trap men by getting pregnant. Most of the time the guy is gone before they can get the words out. If they do stay it's just until they can find a reason to leave. 

Name: Kara | Date: Dec 30th, 2009 7:49 PM
Hello, I am in need of a lot of help. I am 32 and my husband is 45 soon to be 46. We have a soon to be 3yr.old son. I found out I was pregnant Dec.1-2009. I was fearfull for having to tell him so I waited 2 days to let myself feel happy I was pregnant. Soon after I told him he rejected me and the baby. Anyway, I ended up miscarring and having a D and C on Dec.29,2009. He was thrilled I had this done no support whats so ever. He continues with his day to day life while I am at home with our son recovery. It's like he is avoiding me. I want another baby maybe in a year. What do I do to make this happen? Help me Please!!!! 

Name: Kara | Date: Dec 31st, 2009 2:41 PM
Hello again, I wanted to also say that when I got pregnant I saw my ob doctor. I am right on time with my period and 28days. I saw her on 12-11-09. She said I was 5wks and 3days along. On the 16th I started bleeding lightly. It was old b/c it was dark brown. It progressed to mild cramps or light discomfort. I had an u/s I requested on 12-21. I saw the doctore the next day and she said oneof two things, I was not as far along as they thought I was or it would turn out to be a m/c. I was very upset. She did not want to offer a dnc at that time. She wated to wait a week and do a repeat u/s to compare the two. By a week there should be a bid diffrence. I had the u/s in a week. It was transvaginal. Again, nothing just a sac and no embryo. I asked the tech to see how old it was. She measured and said just over 5weeks. So, where was I really in the pregency? I had a dnc a few days agao and reading online might not be the best thing to do but I feel maybe I should have waited . I also feel if I waited it still would be bad news so I went along with the surgery. I knew if nothing changed and my problems continued it might be best to get it over with being I had a soon to be 3yr.old and I work. I was off christmas week and knew if surgery was coming my way anyway, now would be the time while was off. Does anyone think I made a mistake or did the right thing? Its a little late now but I am going throught his alone as my husband has rejested the whole thing from the day I said I was pregnant. I have no family around in the area. This holiday sucked BIG time and that was an understatement. I feel he has buried himself eevn deeper into his work just so he does not hae to face me. Its like he blames this all on me and never asks me if I am ok or if there is something he can do. This really has our marriage on pins and needles not sure what will happen from here. He also threatens to take my son away so I can be alone to get better. I know that is an excuse and all I want more then ever is my son to be with me as I just lost a baby my son was so happy about. He use to kiss my belly everynight b/f bed. We watch the babystory on TLC. I know he would have been a great big brother. I feel like I am a failer and not ready to give up on motherhood just yet. I feel like my husband just wants his time to himself a lot of the time and take his harley out on day trips while I am stuck at home with OUR baby. I had a bike too and gave it up as I would think about if I was hurt or killed who would care for my son. That was an agreement we had and sold both bikes. A few months later he shows up here with another bike with out discussingit with me. It is a one way street here and I am not going to have someone tell me what I can and cat do. He does what he wants why should I give up on my hopes and dreams just to make him happy. One day when I am old I will regret it and when we are long gone who is my son going to side with if we have no other children? Childern and life itself is priceless. What should I do and can anyone help me get though this horrible time in my life? I feel SO bad and that I cant seem to continue on like this. Please help!!!! 

Name: sadkidthatis10 | Date: Jan 1st, 2010 5:29 AM
i am just a kid and i want my mommy not to be mad at my daddy anymore he drinks a lot and me and my mommy want thim to stop can any mother help? 

Name: tonster181 | Date: Mar 10th, 2010 12:34 AM
I cannot believe the selfishness here. Why are you trying to force someone into a huge commitment like this when they are not ready for it? I can't understand why so many women want 3, 4, 5 kids and they can't be happy with the ones they've got.

Being mad at your husband when you've already got 2 or more kids is absurd. Many men don't want ANY kids and yet they have them for YOU. Don't be so pushy. It is ridiculous and selfish. 

Name: Louise | Date: Apr 3rd, 2010 10:42 PM
Hi, hope your well, I was touched by your comments above, I've been blessed with a boy and a girl, however I can so feel where your coming from. I thought me and my husband where both on the the same page however I too have been told NO MORE CHILDREN, but we think we may be expecting and he doesn;t want this pregnancy!!! I know it wasn't planned but is doesn't mean we won't be able to cope!!!! time will tell.......I hope your husband comes round..... xxxxx 

Name: tania | Date: Apr 6th, 2010 10:00 PM
just a reply for the woman with the 3 boys...
we are in the same boat!! to a T!!
same thing 3 kids want 4..hubby swearsand says no!!
email me tell me how its all going for you now?
[email protected] 

Name: em | Date: Apr 9th, 2010 1:36 AM
hello, lady i feel u i been marry 18yr and have 3 girls 22 ,marry , 16yr and 11yr old. we had are kids when we were not set. so i got my tube cut and burn. now im 38 and would like to have my tubal ligation reversal why b/c we are set now and i miss having a baby i dont care its a girl or boy. we have 5 bedrooms so we have the space but he dont want no more kids so what i should do i cry yes n angey mad but i love him why guy dont c what women feel. yes he a good man he help me with my kids but i feel like im miss something 

Name: Tammie | Date: Apr 21st, 2010 11:27 AM
First let me say that I hope God is in all of these decisions , before they were made and I also feel like most of the men in the picture, i feel we dont need another baby , because I have a 9 yrs old son, not by him , we have 6yrs and 3yrs daugthers. My husband and i agreed not to have anymore. My son's father is in the picture again and i feel my husband like he's takin his son away, now he wants a son of his own.I feel its not fair to me after we made that agreement together. I read all of the statements and neither on of us are fix, but its been 3 yrs and i on my way back to school finish up my degree in nursing and he feels that i should give him a son. I feel like i am been cheatted outof my dreams and what i need to do to help better our marriage. We just time for ourselves and put the little in school. she is out of diapers and such a big girl now, maybe i am being selfish a little , but i like the freedom of not having a baby .i like to be alone with him in the morning , because we both work at night and i get to go when i pleased . then i find a sitter for three big kids then a small baby . Not to menton my son has ADHD and our middle child has heart problems , got to be tested twice a year , i just can relate with the men. 

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