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I dont know if im posting this in the right area or not i've never done this forum thing before but basically I need help.
Ive been with my husband for 8 years married for one I love him so much so so much. My husband never wanted to get married or have children. He didnt want to get married because he was scared that I would then want children which I didnt until a few months leading up to this delima im about to tell you....
26Th Feb 2009 I was already to tell my Fiance that I wanted babies we had just moved to a new city and was staying with his parent whilst we were looking for a flat we were there for a month
We found a flat and paid a deposit then I freaked out i seen it as an opportunity to tell him that I wanted kids and if he said he didnt then we would go our seperate ways even though it would hurt.
On the same day I was going to tell him 26th Feb 2009 0728am My husband was hit by a bus whilst on his motorcycle which left him paraplysed from his nipples down he was in a coma and in hospital and rehab all up 8 months. It was really hard and still is I stuck by his side and I feel in love with him all over again I could not imagine not being with him.
While he was in hospital he asked me what I wanted from my life I told him I wanted kids and he said the same it was so exciting and i was so happy to hear him say that!!
We talked about it alot and it seemed it was going to happen with in a couple of years.
we got married last year in march.
1 year on i have a massive urge to have a baby I want a baby more than anything I brought this up last weekend with him again and he told me he doesnt want a baby anymore. He said he loves hanging out with our friends baby but doesnt want a kid anymore!
We talked about fostering children to see if he like being a dad and we agreed but its so different having your own kid to looking after someone elses I'm pretty sure he wont want them and Im stuck he told me he understands that I need to know the answer before I waste my life and not get what I want Which is really good for him to say but I want him and a baby equally I can't choose I could not picture a life with out him or picture a life without a baby !!! I am in so much agony over this ive been in my pj's all week im distanted and withdrawn I cant think about anything else I want a baby and I want my husband I dont know what to do!! Im 27 nearly 28 I lost my whole career because of the accident so have no money to my name as I care for my husband at home. I almost feel like saying to him YOU took the chance in riding a motorcycle YOU knew the risks YOU played with fate in both MINE and YOUR life SO what the F**ck cant you take the risk and have a baby for me seeing as I gave up so much for you(which btw im not resentful about)
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Name: Nickyanne | Date: Mar 17th, 2011 12:14 PM
I need someone to help me before i go crazy!! Every time i look at tv listen to the radio all it seems that all people do is talk about having children and its driving me crazy! 

Name: Nickyanne | Date: Mar 17th, 2011 12:17 PM
I dont even have the option of falling pregnant by accident !!! because we have to have if because he is in a wheelchair now I had an abortion before I was with him and Im regreting that so much now! 

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