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Stepfather is too strict with his step teenagers. I think he should back off and just be a mentor, and let the kids Mom, be the one to discipline them, but somehow he has taken over, and the kids can't do anything right to please him. When he punishes them, he grounds them for 2 weeks, and takes away their internet, cell phone, and can't go anywhere. He can't wait to tattle on them to us, right in front of them, which is embarrassing to them. He is constantly knit picking them, until they will mouth off to him, then he grounds them. Does anyone agree, with all of these punishments, for mouthing off? I think it is too much. He has driven a wedge between him and them, and wonders why they don't appreciate him?? DUH!!! Has anyone got any answers or suggestions for this Stepfather?? HELP!!
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Name: lucy | Date: Jan 9th, 2011 11:39 PM
Its the Birth Parents responsibility to parent the kds. The Step Parents should be the supporting factor only. 

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