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Does anyone find anything wrong with blended families taking different vacations? I dont! I think its perfectly healthy for a mom to spend alone time with her kids and a dad to spend alone time with his kids. We were supposed to go on a family vaca but our girls (we each have one from previous marriages) have not been getting along. I figured it wouldnt be very relaxing if all they do is bicker the whole time so I decided to do seperate things. We all had fun apart from each other. My husband is now taking this as I dont miss his kids or want them around. WTF.. I think its good to get away sometimes esp if its stressful when everyone is together.. Am I wrong?!?!
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Name: srbizzymom | Date: Aug 7th, 2009 5:47 PM
Well, if you care about what your husband thinks then it is wrong for it to continue. Personally I would do the same thing, but also plan a "blended Family" vacation if you can afford it. Try to plan family activities that encourage all to participate. Just separating and ignoring the the fact that the girls are not getting along isn't helping anyone. It could be they are just growing up and finding that they each like very different things and need some common ground again. 

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