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Name: bug | Date: Apr 14th, 2009 12:58 AM
He's full of it . It's half and half fight for it 

Name: jimmy | Date: Apr 15th, 2009 11:26 PM
HEY BUG care to elaborate on you comment,, I am not judging but I would like to hear you thoughts,, I still think Divorce should be the absolute last idea , and most people are weak and usually just run from there problems(including me) but I am trying to help people from making the biggest mistake ever and living a life of regret,,, for the record I was the weak one in my relationship and I will never forget it,, 

Name: unsure58 | Date: Apr 18th, 2009 6:19 PM
It takes 2 to make, 2 to break.But just maybe.One to say sorry 

Name: mary | Date: Apr 22nd, 2009 1:27 AM
I have been married for 33 years. I do not have anyone else in my life nor do I care to. However, my husband is being treated for a mental illness. Has been seeing a psychiatrist for about the past 10 years. I have always stood by him and supported him. He has been on disability for 5 years. I still go to work every day and spend many of my hours at home by myself as he goes to bed anywhere from 6:30 on but no later than 9:00 max and that is rare. He gets up at 5:00 every morning even though he doesn't need to. He is not interested in sex and I am very hurt that he can just control something that I enjoyed. I can't have any company over and we go nowhere together. I am sick of going around with a knott in my stomach and I feel that he does not appreciate all the support I have given him. I feel that the last 33 years have been a charade. Were they real or did I just want to pretend that things would work itself out. He is fit and attractive but has become very controlling. i just do not know what to do? I actually sometimes feel scared that he will flip out. The kids have grown and gone and I don't think that I should have to live like a prisoner for the rest of what good years may be left. 

Name: Susanne | Date: May 3rd, 2009 11:08 PM
not sure 

Name: Don | Date: May 5th, 2009 5:31 PM
my wife has file for divorce after 29 yrs of marriage found out she has been seeing other people the last 15 yrs anyone want to chat with me? 

Name: mai_111 | Date: May 5th, 2009 8:56 PM
My parents were married for 25 years and things were awful from when me and my brother were little to when they finally divorced when we were 17 and 18. They stayed together 'for the children' and nearly destroyed eachother in the process. Our relationships with each parent got better once they were apart and they both went on to start new lives with people. My husband has also been married before and got divorced. You only have one life, one shot at it - why spend years and years feeling miserable? Of course if you still love eachother try to work things out, go to counselling, do everything you can. But if the love is gone, it's over - sooner or later. I thanked my parents for getting divorced and wish they hadn't left it so long because the fighting caused so much damage to our family, not to mention plenty of awful childhood memories for us! 

Name: Emma | Date: May 9th, 2009 4:16 PM
I am thinking about divore, my husband and i have hit a wall and the only thing that is holding me back is my daughter. We live in Missouri and I am from Ohio. If I were to leave him I would of course would move back to Ohio. We have tried to work on this many times but it comes to the same battles each time we end up in a blow out, I can't do it anymore. What are the odds of a mother winning custodity of her child. 

Name: Lillysam | Date: May 9th, 2009 4:34 PM
I need advice!!!! I married my husband 3 years ago. I love him very much but it seems we are going down hill fast. He comes from a family that works very hard, almost too hard to move up the statis lattetr and they want to continue to climb untl they are ontop of the world. My husband works everyday exept for Sunday's. I feel I am the number one care giver in this relationship, I do all the cleaning and cooking and I Still work full time for my husbands family business. I take my daughter to daycare every AM and it is like having to begg for my husband to pick her up from daycare. My husband does not believe in making birthdays, anniversary's, holidays etc a big deal. The day would go unnoticed if it was not for me. We would not have a X-Mass tree if is was not for me. The story could go on and on but I wont do that to all of you. I feel like I am in this alone. We have gone to counceling through our local church and we have joined a small group but I feel like we end up at square one all the time. The church we go to focuses on Family values and teaching family values. My husband I believe in the bible and follow the christian values but my husband does not want to apply the teaching from our church into his every day life and I grow to believe he is a hippocrite. I truly have tried to work this out but it is over in my heart. Intimacy is not even a thought in my mind. All I think about is how can I get out of this. I grew up in Cincinnat and we moved to Missouri to work with his family Business, although the place we moved to (Very Small Town) job security is almost 0 and it is almost imposible to find a job. I work for the family business for that reason. That is a struggle it it's own. I am scared to Divore my husband because I would have to move home to Cincinnati and He always threatenes me that he would try and get full custodity. What do I do?????? I need help. I am so scared that I will loose my daughter. 

Name: Michael | Date: May 9th, 2009 11:01 PM
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Name: Larry | Date: May 14th, 2009 2:15 AM
I would provide, if your gutt tells you that divorce is better for you, child and him than you need to initiate the process of divorce, or at least a formal separation agreement where you have everything, from the custody, support and health insurance to who gets the dog spot.

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Name: Larry | Date: May 14th, 2009 2:17 AM
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Name: feelinhopeless | Date: May 20th, 2009 2:07 AM
I've been married 5 yrs and have two young children. I'm in the same boat. Each day brings more misery with my husband and I feel at this point am staying only for the "sake of the kids." I'm so embarrassed b/c everyone thinks we have the perfect life and this is actually the first time I'm even talking about it. We haven't separated yet but I just asked him earlier tonight to move out this weekend. Was that too abrupt? 

Name: jeopardi | Date: May 20th, 2009 2:50 AM
I swore after my parents devorsed when I was 9 years old , I would never get married unless I was completley convinced it was true love and that if you loved each other enough to get married, you could work through anything! Boy what a bonehead dreamer I was. 8 years later I have been dumped. And the last 4 years I have been beaten and battered mentaly, emotionaly, and yes even sometimes physically. Iam 43 years old and am scared to death. I have no one to turn. 

Name: Ali | Date: May 24th, 2009 4:23 PM
Wouldn't it be worse for your child to be raised with parents who don't love each other? Kids pick things up - isn't good parenting about showing them love - which might include self-love - which might mean taking the step to leave? 

Name: laila | Date: Jun 16th, 2009 6:23 PM
hi im really bad at this technology stuff, im desperately looking for marital advice and have no idea where to start to look for a chat room.

please help! 

Name: Eyestomysoul | Date: Jun 25th, 2009 2:29 AM
I met my husband very young. I was 17 and he was 19, Over the years I fell out of love with him, and lots of resentment has been built. We two kids and I am 38 and want out of the marriage, 

Name: hdcool | Date: Jul 7th, 2009 10:21 PM
I am think about a divorce 

Name: Hurting/confused | Date: Jul 8th, 2009 1:43 AM
I am a Pastor's wife, I have been married for over 17 yrs, I have 2 kids 12, 14 year old. My husband is very mentally abusive. He has started going to back to school and really does not what any thing to do with the family. To him I feel that we are a problem. He never has time for us and is always on his computer, he says it is work related. If any one calls or wants to him to go places he is there. But when is comes to the family we are 2nd and even 3rd place. Not to say all the brow beating that we take. When I try to talk to him he says he is right, I am a uneducated white tailor park trash.I don't even live in a trailer. I am afraid of the damage to the kids and how this is going to hurt them. if I divorce their daddy or will it hurt them more to be mentally hurt and put down daily?? Please I am in need of help!! 

Name: stella | Date: Jul 23rd, 2009 11:08 PM
I dated my husband for 4 months and then we got married. Now I have been married for 3 years, and from the day I got married I'm not happy anymore. He doesnt like to hang out with families, he like to be around people who doesn't have any background and are ignorant. I'm constanly thinking of divorce I feel sometimes I'm stuck with him because I'm recently going through life time health problem because of him, which makes me be stuck with him because I don't have a job, and I need to take care of my expenses. He loves me but he did make me cry alot when we first got married he made my heart like a rock I feel I don't love him anymore, I just got used to be with him. we are totaly different from each other different personalities, the way of thinking. I'm family oriented and he doesn't like families. I feel I hate him because of him I have health problem. But I don't like to see him hurt at the same time because he was there for me when I needed him. He awlays ignores me by playing games and he has some complex against women he thinks women takes advantage from his ex-relationship which is effecting our relationship. he is sometimes cheap. I need advice after you read my story what do you suggest me to do pls. help I'm confussed. 

Name: speratedmomwith3kids | Date: Jul 28th, 2009 8:03 PM
i know exactely wht u mean. i have been seperated for a year and my kids have paid tremendesly for my husbands and my mistakes. we argued alot also, but during our time away i have grown and learned alot. I want him back, but its hard to convince him tht this is a good decision. Please writ back with ur comments 

Name: Cal | Date: Aug 10th, 2009 7:02 PM
Hey, I know how you feel. I'm thinking of leaving my wife but taking my kids with me. The one problem I have is that I'm not working at the moment. Keep your head up. Us good guys have to stick together. 

Name: Vivian | Date: Aug 15th, 2009 2:39 AM
Just Pray about stay on your knee, and let the Lord fight the battle, satan comes to steal, kill and destroy, talk to your husband first to see if this is really what he wants to do, seek counseling, talk to an Pator of a Chruch, than wait on the Holy spirit for the answer, and know that the Bible is real, when we said our vows, for richer or poorer, for better or worst, until death do us a part. 

Name: tired | Date: Aug 25th, 2009 8:37 PM
what do you do when you want to divorce someone but you both live in the house and you both want the house 

Name: Riskman | Date: Sep 5th, 2009 2:56 AM
I am about to give up. 

Name: nadan | Date: Sep 11th, 2009 5:15 AM

Name: Mandy | Date: Sep 12th, 2009 11:54 PM
I am so incredibly unhappy! I have tried my hardest to want my husband, but the truth is he is not what I want. I am ready to find something that makes me happy, I am only 32 and I am ready to move on with my life. 

Name: KC | Date: Sep 19th, 2009 6:10 AM
I am right there with you. I am not in love with my husband (19.5 years of marriage thus far) but am reluctant to move on. I would likely be stuck with palimony as I have supported him in the purchase of a business for which he doesn't get any income yet. I can't afford to divorce him financially, plus I worry far too much about what others will think.

Then there is our young daughter...how will it affect her if I stay with him or not?

The sad part is he is a good guy, so I don't have the issues some have such as controlling me, abusing me, etc... 

Name: verysad | Date: Oct 2nd, 2009 7:05 PM
i have been married to my husband for 16 years. He was the greatest boyfriend a girl could want, very attentive and romantic and once we got married that all stopped and the first week we were married he went out with his guy friends and left me at home. Since then life has been all about what he wants, which is to set in front of a TV and have me be his maid and laundress. Everytime I bring up how this hurts me he just yells over me and tells me I am delusional. He got very sick about 9 years ago and i almost lost him. I took care of him and waited on him hand and foot..page forward to last year and I get sick and he has not helped me once. I asked him to move out and he refuses to file for divorce and right now I am too sick. He states that I can live with my decision to kick him out. He has many times stated that he will give me rides to my treatment but then never shows up. Why do I still love him ? 

Name: steve | Date: Oct 22nd, 2009 3:02 AM

Name: Mayura | Date: Nov 4th, 2009 4:51 AM
I am married for a year.My husband never cares about me.He cares for his brother but not for me.Moreover he accuses me and blames me if anything goes wrong on his side.He wants me to do what he wants to do.He ahd relationships with some girls,about which he never opens up.If I ask him,he goes on up to hitting me.He has hit me twice for that.What should I do,I am very much depressed.I have loving parents and a sister.I can't go back to them,because I dont wanna hurt them,coz they arranged our marraige. 

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