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I was gone for the weekend to see family in Iowa and the wife did not want to go. I found out why by phone the next day when I called her cell, she did not answer our home phone. Her mom from Oklaholma came and picked her and my baby girl up to move to Oklaholma. She says we need time away but I love both of them a lot. We live in Minnesota. I have a great job and the wife does not work. Not sure what to do, her mom has been married 8 or 9 times so my wife being there is bothering me. She wants me to move closer to her family but mine live in Iowa and yes I have 3 sons in Iowa from my first marriage which I see regularly. She is not coming back until I find a job closer to her mom. My wife says she still loves me but then why would she move without talking to me first. I miss my baby girl so much. Love seeing her laugh and smile. Please give me some good advice.
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