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Ok...how do I start this one??? Well here is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.......my boyfriend has been divorced for a year and legaly separated for (2) years. He was married to his ex for a about (6) years where the relationship was just awful. She verbally, mentally, and physically abused him. He is a Christian man so he felt "bound" to the marriage-not to mention they share a 6-year old.
So hear the story goes......he and I became best friends (while he was married). He started to share with me he troubles and the only joy he had was spending time with me. Well needless to say, we ended up having an affair. We kept trying and trying to stop, but failed due to us falling in love with one another. I KNOW this is no excuse and we both (my boyfriend & I) admit we were wrong and have apologized to her (after he confessed to her-we were not caught). I know this is not easy and she has EVERY right not to like me.
I have kids from a previous relationship and I have also been in her shoes. I have been cheated on by my ex. I know what it is like to feel the anger. But I have learned how to deal with the anger and not act anyway that you want (especially in front of the kids). I have learned to accept what is and go on. She obviously has not! She is out to get me in any way shape and form. She was MISERABLE in her marriage and even told everyone in town how much she hated him and wanted out. She has told him she doesn't care who he is with just as long as he is not with me. So her issue is not wanting him back, it is about GETTING ME BACK.
I have two jobs and she has contacted both of them. At one job she called and said I was having an affair with her husband (that was close to two years ago). She also called my boyfriend's job (her ex) and told them he beats her.
She is seeing someone and knows that he is with me and also has their child around me (needless to say she told her 5 year old daughter that Daddy was F***ing someone else and having an affair). It made her very upset that the child likes me but she pretends to deal with it. I say pretend because once you think she isn't up to something, she is doing vindictive things behind my back. For example, she contacted my 2nd job and told them that me and my daughter (who doesn't even work for the same company as me) are giving information out about her account. The security department did a thorough search on my computer and found I have NEVER looked up her account. Once I heard about this, I was livid. For one, I never knew she had an account there. Two, she opened the account (4) months ago KNOWING I work there. She had planned this the whole time! She also could have affected my daughter's job (if she worked there). What does my kids have anything to do with it???Who does that?! I am sooooo over my ex and never give him and his wife any trouble. Like I said, I have been cheated on before too-so I know how it feels. But trust me, it is better to just MOVE ON! She doesn't have to like me, just like I didn't like any of those women who did it to me. But I never called their jobs, messed with their cars, or harassed them in any way. As long as they were good to my kids, I was fine.
She is obviously a woman scorned and blames me for her failed marriage. Like I stated before, it was wrong to have an affair with a married man. I should have definitely waited until he finished his unfinished business, so to speak. But I did not ruin their marraige. That was ruined loooooong before me. Maybe it helps her to blame someone (me)??? IDK....I am just wondering "IF" she will ever stop. We are talking marriage now. Will she crash the wedding??? This woman will obviously STOP at nothing. Any advise will help. I know there will be several comments against me based on the affair situation. But I need to hear some opinions from all types of women (even some with the same mind-set as her!)
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