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we have been doing our very best in our area to see how much we can stop child abandonment, and improve on the welfare of abandoned children.
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Name: gaiamom | Date: Jun 7th, 2007 4:53 AM
I am from Costa Rica and the father of my baby is from New Yok our baby was born here in Costa Rica (central america), but we did all the paper work and he does have a USA passport
It makes me feel incredibly frustrated to realize that because he lives in new york and i live here i CAN NOT COLLECT CHILD SUPPORT
i mean how can that be? is very unfair,, i talked to lawyers here and they told me is very difficult almost impossible to do it, so he sends money when he wants and he doesnt send money when he doesnt want to.
Just because we live in different countries..I tried to call some child support agencies in NY but they were no help at all
I feel really trapped in this situation there must be something tobe done about this, is not fair that he does whatever he wants regarding this situation and he can walk freely being irresponsable and neglecting his part
Please if you know how can i go about this let me know

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