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I am divorcing my husband because he got hooked on heroin and we have a 3 yr old son together and he hasnt seen our child in 4 months and has only talked to him twice and I allowed him to come to my house to spend 2hrs with our son and I've noticed every time my child talks to him or sees him my son is a complete emotional mess and he gets terrified when I leave the house screaming and crying don't leave me. Our custody is only a temporary order until the divorce is final and I don't want to deny him seeing our son, because that might look bad on me in court but at the same time I don't want him to keep being there one second the gone the next for months at a time. I dont want my son to keep getting upset for days after contact is made. Van anyone help me figure out how to go about this? Im damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't.
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