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I have been married just under 7 years. I have 2 kids under 7 years old. I have had like a disconnection with my wife. She would not talk to me, did not want me touching her. Just kept to her self. We talked and it fix for a few weeks. And it went right back to how it was. So I just pretended to be happy for a long time. I go to work and come every night.
I then talked to her again and when she seen I was ready to walk out the door. She did a 180. Now she acts completely different like trying way too hard. Makeup, cleaning, buying sexy things and she has never done that now is freaking me out.
I feel like she just scared of me leaving and nothing more. But I had given up over a year ago, and was here for my kids. I love my kids more than anything!
I care for my wife; I just donít feel the same as I did before. I would defend her to death. But I canít pretend any more. My kids. I love my kids and donít want to affect them. I donít want to be married. I want to be happy without hurting my kids. She is the best mother. I donít want to take the kids from her. But I donít want to be without my kids.
What should I do, I donít want to make the wrong choice?
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