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Name: Joanne
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My grandaughter just turned two. My daughter 24 and her boyfriend 24 have been living together since she was 5 months pregnant. They are both wonderful parents but are not happy together. They have decided to split up but he will play a very active roll in Meghans life. My daughter will be living with and old boyfriend and Meghan will be with them. Meghan is fond of the other guy and he treats her well and is willing to accept her in his life but knows daddy will be around alot. I`m worried about this change in relationships on Meghan, any advice or suggestions on making this transition positive would be greatly appreciated. We have all got the same goals in mind and that is to keep Meghan as

Thanks a loving grandma.happy as she can be during this move.
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Name: Debbie | Date: Nov 30th, 2005 3:09 PM
Hi Joanne,
I am a granny as well, 14 month old grandson,whose parents split up as well. The main thing is that no one fights, or yells,or gets into any arguments in front of that precious little girl. At her age she can "feel " when the tension is in the air, so to keep her calm and happy and feeling that every one in her life is ok with each other, don't fight in front of her and don't try to "erase" any one either. Show her pictures of every one, Mom, Dad, the old boyfriend, and of course you. If she feels every one is accepting of one another, she will be just fine. This is what we do with my son's ex in-laws. We bite our tongue for that beautiful little boy every time!
Hope every thing works out !

Name: joanne | Date: Dec 1st, 2005 2:38 PM
Thanks Debbie, your advice makes alot of sense and I will definetly take. Have a good day 

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