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I have been dealing with this bitch for 3yrs now and feel as if I can not take her any more.This woman has vandelized are property ,stalks use ,manipulates(mentally abuses) her daughter which we have had custody of seens aug(daughter sees a physcologist)etc.Are wedding date is july 21 this year. His little girl is 5 yr old and my daughter is 6 so they play on the same T-ball team .They have been on the team seens the end of may. I have stayed my distance from her but she has started going to the games I guess to stare at me are my fiance the whole hour.How do I control my feelings ?
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Name: iwa | Date: Apr 27th, 2006 4:43 PM
i know its a bad advice, but nooooo i better not. just stick to your man, you will get through it 

Name: Serina | Date: Apr 27th, 2006 5:17 PM
You think it is hard now wait untill you get married ... At least for me it was.I would still marry my guy but it is hard and if you love him enough you two can make it. I would call the cops if you can prove the damage she has caused. Grt it if you can video tape the out side of the house ...If you can.
She may be feel threatend by you or tthinks you are prettyer than her... .I Try and give her the benn.off the doubt re the game she might be at to see her kid. I would just not look at her at all. I know it is hard.No eye contact. She may think you are staring at her. Let her get a eye full of the 2 of you being loving to each other.
Keep in mind never say any thingbad about her to the kids. It is more damaging than you may realize.BUt You sound like a smart kady I am sure you would n't.
Good luck!! 

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