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i am with a guy who choose to leave his wife for me, he has 2 kids, she was very hurt like you would be and or course blames me. finally we have the kids every second weekend at our house, but the ex is always putting her views in and rules, my partner says yes to everything she wants because he doesnt want to cause problems, but he is causing problems between us, he did leave his wie for me but doesnt care he is putting his ex first. i feel like im second to her and i cant handle that. she wants to go halves in christmas presents and i dont think its right, she is allowed to drop the kids off and come to our house and i have to get out at a bus sop while he picks his kids up, the kids are not allowed to bring anyhting from the mothers house to our house so i say to my partner what we buy stays at our house, but my partner says who cares if my kids want to take it they can. please help i dont know what to do!!
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