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everything was ok the kids stayed with him cause they were old enough to make that decision. but a couple of months ago they were visiting and some things were told to me that was nessesary as a mother to act on so i did so. the kids are with me now but there is so much going on with them. he doest give me what i need for them.i havent gone to court yet for the support part of it cause he said he would give me more if i needed it but when i ask he always tells me he doesnt have it.i could go on and there is so many things i could talk about but i would need days.there is five kids and he only give me 300.00 per month for them. per are agreement verbal. i was trying to be nice when the kids were with him i still had the youngest and still paid for all the kids health insurance.
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Name: Poke | Date: Nov 23rd, 2009 7:44 PM
ok, let me get this right? They lived with him and he took care of the kids with no help from you. Right? Now you have the kids and he gives you $300 a month to help with the kids and you want more? I want to make sure. You didn't help him with money when he had the kids, but you want him to give you more money because he's not giving you enogh when you have the kids?

I say take your ass to work. You don't make as much as him? Too bad, get a second job.

It sounds like he's supporting his kids and you want him to support you too. Cry a river, no ones swimming 

Name: Poke | Date: Nov 23rd, 2009 7:48 PM
Of course you were tring to be nice while the kids were with him. You didn't want to have to help raise your kids. I bet you won't try as hard to be nice now that you have the kids will you.

If an ex is nice then watch out somethings up. 

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