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Hi not sure how to even start. I've been dating this guy for almost a yr and he proposed recently of course I said yes but he seems to be rushing things we both have kids from previous marriages. He has 4 teenagers and I have two fairly young kids the problem I am having is I feel like he is keeping me from getting to know his kids before I move in, plus on the other hand I'm uprooting my entire life And my girls life. Currently we live in two states and when me and the kids come to visit we have to stay in a hotel and when we go to his house his kids are like you guys have to live by our rules we don't do things that way etc. I'm not even sure what to think and not sure how to handle one teenager how am I supposed to handle four and not step on any one's toes since it is there house but is going to be our house. Then there is the age difference between him and I which never bothered me before (20 yr diff.) But what if something happens to him then what then I'm responsible for all 6 kids(there mother is not in the picture) which shouldn't be a big deal and isn't but how am I supposed to support all of us. I'm really stressing I'm moving thousands of miles away leaving my family and friends who have been my support system and moving some where, where I don't have a support system besides him. I have talked to him about this he says baby everything will be fine but Im not sure I have so many concerns and issues and the wedding is supposed to be in 3 weeks I know I love him and all the kids with all my heart but not sure how to deal with such a big change and make a easy transition for everyone involved especially the kids please help with advice.
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