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My husband and I have five children One being mine and four are his from before we met. His three oldest children are 23 and older, so old enough to know right from wrong and old enough to be self supportive. All three however are habitual drug users, and none fo them take care of children that they have had. I feel so many mixed emotions in this situation that I am in. I fear for his youngest child as well as my child due to the fact that the older three children break in our home steal from us, and have drug dealers meet up on our land. Myhusband will tell them to leave and they blow a huge tantrum and cuse him, then disappear for a few days then here they come back as if nothing has happened and he in return treats them as nothing has happened. It has come to the point of where i do not know what else to do. I can not subject my child to these people (his oldest kids) because I fear for what he will learn or even accidently find, *note I have already found my child with a pill in his mouth that wasn't tylenol... I have found little tiny "ice" baggies in my washer. I come from a clean home where I had nothing to worry about as far as law enforcement at my home even, so all of this is new. I love my husband but I feel like I can't live there with him because his three oldest kids use his house as a revolving door to come in and out as they please and he lets them. This is now leading to the big "D". Any advice?
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Name: Crissy | Date: Feb 17th, 2006 10:18 PM
Wow. If you have a young child, you need to take the steps to protect him or her. What if that bag of "ice" ends up in his hands one day. You and I both know that could end up killing your child.

This is a serious issue and since you don't participate in these activities, it is your right to stand up and say it can't take place anymore. It's not like his kids are just being kids. They are grown adults practicing illegal activity and endangering your child. There are many "adults" who practice drug use responsibly (if there is such a thing)...those who would not leave substances lying around, who wouldn't disrespect their parents with it........they aren't responsible and could really hurt your child.

Think of your kid and you'll have the strength to do what needs to be done. And if all else fails,, Pray. (wink) 

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