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2 days ago my husband and I agreed to divorce but we have to still live together coz I don't work and we are struggling financially. Our kids r 2, 5 and 7. We are not on speaking terms. I realise now that I have to do everything except bring in the money on my own. I do try to make a little extra money by running a small business at home. My husband is dealing with this by sleeping all day and then waking up at around 5pm only to go out drinking ( and driving) with our only car. Before this he used to help and drank quietly at home. I am ok with doing all the work alone because if I don't it will be disastrous and the kids need me. I am just struggling with the emotional pain and my new situation. I am coping by throwing myself into housework and business and trying not to think about it. I will also be throwing myself into looking for work. This also happened when I am not well but I feel I just need to push myself and keep as busy as possible.
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