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I was reading a lot of the entries on step parents, ex wives, and marriage. I am a step parent, a mother, and currently seperated wife. I have been a terrible step mother, from the start we should not have gotten married, his kids cried every night, mom let them, understandably they cried. However, when my husband and i got engaged, he his daughter was crying when we left, and he was so edgy that he threw the ring at me. On my wedding day, i walked into a room where he was on the phone with his ex wife, on my wedding day. the excuse was that the daughter wanted to talk to mom. I feel that that was my day, the only day i had and the ex should not be involved. Fromo that day i started to build defenses, when his children came into the room and if we were hugging he would let me go. Again up comes the defenses, we have been to counselors that tell us to put the marriaage first, that never happened. Now the kids are older, and his two are out of control, their mom lets them do what ever they want, the step daughter is getting the reputation of a "slut" at school, the boy is called a bully. I have tried to talk to my husband aobut this and he accuses me of looking for things, when the people are calling me to tell me aobut their behavior. Again my defenses go up. I have a child of my own, he has gone to the same school for nine years and i have never had a parent or the school call me. We are now seperated, again yes i was a terrible step parent, but when do the bio parents have to step up and take responsiblity for their childrens behavior.
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