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k so i split my kids with my ex .... 2 weeks with her 2 with me ... works well ....

we have an agreement of me paying her 500 per month plus half of her daycare, plus half of extra activities ... also split anything they may take back and forth ie bikes etc...

now i am making more money but am living on a single income ... she is common law with her boyfriend. she now sees that i am making more money and wants more from me ... ie thinks i am not paying enough now ......

$$ i made 140 last year
she made 40 plus child tax rent from property etc
her boyfriend makes about 80 or so ....

what can i do ... or i wrong to think things are fair the way they are ... i am not a deadbeat ... always pay on time and give the kids everything they need ..... i don't use daycare as i have a job that lets me spend all of their free time with me as opposed to daycar ??????????
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