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So my husband and I have been together for 4 years. I have two children from a previous marriage and one with my husband. He has one daughter from a previous marriage as well. My ex and I get along wonderfully. I am friends with his new wife and my husband can interact with them and everything is great. My husband's ex wife is a completely different story. She is malicious, hateful, rude and totally puts her feelings above her daughters. It is very obvious that she has manipulated her daughter into thinking that I do not have a role nor place in her life at all, that she does not have to listen to me etc. My husband does not have legal custody because they were young when they split up and he just signed off on whatever in order to get away from her. So as a result, he is afraid to stand up to her because she won't let him see her.

The most recent problem is that his daughter went home to her mom and told her a complete and obsurd lie that I was mean to her etc. As a result of the problems that have occurred and what I have seen happen to people when a child lies on them, I have told my husband that going forward I will not be as involved in her care and that he will have to take on a more involved role etc. As a result, my children probably won't be able to interact as much because I won't be able to fairly discipline them. I know this is a lot but I desperately need advice on how to handle this.
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