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my husband told me 1 day before my dad died that he didn't know if he loved me anymore, that he wasn't happy, I asked if he was gonna leave me and he said" I don't know".I managed to make it through my dad's death and all, and wondering when he was leaving me. two weeks later I found a girls number in his cell phone, called it at 3am , only to hear her voice mail, of course my husband said it was a friend, but he couldn't remember where he met her, we'll I figured it, out....she works with him and she is 19!. the next day he decided to leave, this is 2 weeks before thanksgiving, telling me he needs to find himself and miss me....2 weeks later I find out he has a n ew number on his cell phone (which he ended up getting his own plan later so I couldn't see who is he calling) this girl was suppose to be a "friend " also. This one is older, but she is a ex girlfriend of his nephew who is around 25, the girl is 28 or so and he met her through his sister in law who he is living with and right after he left me so the whole month of december he is calling both girls, telling me he doesn't know if he is coming home, that he doesn't miss me or love me anymore. finally after christmas he says he is never coming back,that he wants a divorce, that is when I knew he chose her over me. We have been married 19years(22 together) have 3 kids , 2 teenage daughters 17, and 13 and a son 5, he is the one really missing his dad. It has been a hard 3 months but I am stronger now than ever, I have lost 40lbs something I could never do with him here, the kids are doing good although I think they expecting him to come home, as I did to. It is so hard to believe that he has done all this to us,leave his family for what? A young girl to make him feel young? He is almost 43 and I am 41. I still can't help feel what I feel and that is love for him, although I hate him for what he has done and will never forgive him, butmoving on for me isn't as easy as it is for him.
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