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August 25th to be exact!
Before anyone starts lecturing me, I'm married, happily, and it's only my first. I'm 19 weeks and 2 days today and I find out on April 7th girl or boy!
Everything's gone smooth, have a little cramping and whatnot but the constipation is horrible! So far the longest I've gone is 3 and a half days and I've tried laxitives that the doctor said I could take, Castor Oil, walking, bran, water, everything. My diet is like 30% fiber too.
The back pains haven't been bad until a few days ago.
I'm so excited to be a first time mom and was wondering if anyone has any advice for me, it'd really be helpful!
(And what're your thoughts on natural delivery, it's what I was hoping for, and a water birth?)
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Name: erica2468 | Date: Apr 11th, 2010 2:58 PM
Hayy I'm 18 an I'm one month prego. Congrats on having a baby. My bf and I legalizing our marriage this week. I have light cramping already and terrible constipation but it's getting better. If u wanna talk email me at [email protected] 

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