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Im just over 6 mths pregnant and in a difficult relationship. I dont know what to do and hope to get some advise or chat with people who understand my situation better than i do. I know my realtionship wont work, my partner is controlling and emotionally abusive and i am feeling very vulnerable and not emotionally strong, im putting up with things i never would have in the past if i wasnt pregnant. Im stressed, scared and feeling more and more emotionally weakand as time goes on but i fall apart everytime we break up. i know i shouldnt b with him and that im not happy with him but i cant seem to get the strength or pull myself together while being pregnant to do this on my own. So confused.....
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Name: AshCherry513 | Date: Apr 4th, 2011 7:43 AM
If you know your relationship won't last, you're not happy with him, and you can acknowledge the fact he's emotionally abusive and controlling, you already have the strength to leave. Now that you're pregnant, it's more important than EVER to look out for yourself AND that baby, no matter what that takes. Tell him how you feel, what needs to change, and what he needs to do. (Sometimes, having a 3rd party mediator like a therapist or minister or even friend or family member helps things go more smoothly). If he refuses to change or even try, then you need to leave. Go to a friend or family member's house until you can afford to live on your own, or if need be, there are plenty of battered women shelters around (and yes, emotional abuse DOES count as abuse and DOES qualify you to stay there). If you really feel your life or your baby's life is in danger, you need to call a hotline for support, the local police, or 911. These people are all qualified and obligated to help you out of your situation. 

Name: XandirsMummy | Date: May 3rd, 2011 5:48 AM
I have to agree with AshCherry513, you're strong enough to leave.
But yes it is hard & scary, but this is your life & your babys. Even if you do have to do it just for your baby, as long as you 2 are safe.
Also you should know that even during pregnancy an unhappy mum makes an unhappy baby + the stress is no good for your child.

I'm not going to lie it's the scariest thing ever doing this pregnancy & parenting thing on your own but it can be done, especially if it's for the best.

I'm currently 26w5d pregnant & doing it on my own. I've also been where you are, my ex yelled & screamed & said horrible stuff but he never hit me - which makes you think it's not so bad 'cause he's not hitting you - well dear it's worse, alot worse.

+ you're better off getting out now rather than when you've had your baby & feel even more trapped & he/she sees how bad dad treats mum. There's no reason why he can't still be there for baby but not as your partner.

If you ever want to talk about anything pregnancy, abusive boyfriend related or anything at all just add or message me on facebook.com/JacksMumi 

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