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Over thousands of years, people have been taking great concern on baby gender selection. Longing for a baby boy or a baby girl came out to be a wish since then. baby gender selection is a history task that generations are exploring on. As the development of science and technology, scientists of many countries have won great success on baby gender selection. They have publicized huge amount of thesis or books to explain the possibility of selecting baby gender at will. If theory is taken into action, problems not only arise from biology field, but also relate moral, legal, social, and economic matters. Since the civilization progressing forward, we should abandon old and lagging perception and consider this matter in the perspective of prepotency.

The method I'll mention following can be used to satisfy your personal wish of selecting baby gender not only for prepotent reason, but on some occasions for the sake of preventing hereditary diseases.The representatives of hereditary disease are hemophilia, achromatopsia, nyctalopia, and muscle strophy. Those diseases or their syndromes are possibly passed down to the next generation. As diseases differ, only baby girl either baby boy will be taken bad and ways of disease manifestation will also be different. In this perspective, if a baby girl will carry hereditary disease, parents can select to have ababy boy to prevent abnormal heredity, vice versa.

Every country have many methods to select the baby’s gender, there are some simple ways

body position

use of orgasm

selection of genderual intercourse day ( gender on ovulation day and three days before ovulation )

control of Vaginal pH

take calcium tablet


Formerly mentioned are the natural infant baby gender selection approaches prevalent on internet. Some people took them as certain without hesitation and thought that so long as these several terms were fulfilled, the baby gender could be under their control. However, all of these messages are misleading inform ation and the results probably will let you down.

We collaborated with the scientists from baby gender selection seminar of Britain and Japan(Mr. Kung Gung-Ji ( Japan), Lady Lucy. Mange) arrived at the conclusion through 3500 examples of clinical trial: It is utterly a grievous mistake to take the formerly mentioned factors as the determinant factors on baby gender selection.

They are of no decisive effect in baby gender selection but only supplementary means to help some barren couples to increase pregnancy probability.

I am employed by Hong Kong baby gender selection research laboratory.Dozens of years ago, I got strongly interested with the study of pre- pregnancy baby gender selection, later on majored in the region of prepotency, barrenness and baby gender selection. During my study, a funny phenomenon seized my attention: The female ova have the capacity of griping sperms and the capacity is found to be related with the electric property that ovum carries.

X sperms will be griped by ova when it carries positive electric property whereas the Y sperms by ova with negative property.

Afterwards I specially explored a computer program to reckon the time when and which electric property will be carried by ova. When the positive property was carried, I arranged the couples engaged into genderual intercourse and then girls were given to birth; At the same time when the ova carried negative property, boys were born as results.

And this method was almost of a hundred percent accuracy; therefore, I named this technique as pre- pregnancy baby gender selection technique. And to be further understood by people who are concerned , visit http://GladPregnancy.com.
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