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hello everyone, im Tara. im 20 yrs old. i usually get my period on the same day every month, no problems, no mishaps. the last time ive had my period is April 10. seeing as its already May 19 im 9 days late which is unusual for me.ive taken a home pregnancy test on May 14 and it was negative.. my boobs are very sore and have been for the past week now. i feel sick sometimes through out the day but it doesnt seem to stay very long. i have headaches all the time. it seems like im always hungry and always craving some type of candy or icecream. i feel as if im gaining a little wieght but my boyfriend doesnt think so. we both however think my boobs are growing. im having alot of moods swings and getting mad over no reason and feel like crying over the tinyest things. DO YOU GUYS THINK I COULD BE PREGNANT EVEN THOUGH THE TEST WAS NEGATIVE? PLEASE HELP ME IM FREAKING MYSELF OUT OVER HERE!!! PLEASE&THANK YOU! =)
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Name: MommaBallard | Date: May 30th, 2011 9:44 PM
I just found out I am 7 weeks pregnant after 8 years. First one, my first test said negative, my next one had no doubts! Our mind is a powerful thing, sometimes if we think were pregnant I know that we can convince our body to have the appropriate symptoms and its not necessarily so. However its possible
that you are pregnant as well, I worked in OB for quite a while and some very few but some girls would never test positive on a urine strip and it would not show until they had blood work done at the Gyn office checking their quant levels. I would suggest you wait a week try another urine test, change your habits according to the assumption you may be pregnant. If nothing changes and your still having symptoms, go see your ob/gyn! :) 

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