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Hi, my name is Joy. I am on here because Im really confused with what is happening with my body right now. My LMP was 06/18/2010. I had intercourse with my fiance 6/25 7/1-7/6 and I have a normal 33-35 day cycle. I have been experiencing very mild lower abdominal cramps for the past week. My pd is due tomorrow 7/22 but on monday afternoon 7/19 I starting spotting this light red/pinkish color (only enough to use a panty liner). It stopped by noon today 7/21. My normal period comes early morning (wake up time 6AM) , and is heavy from start to finish. I went to the doctor and got a blood pregnancy test on monday 7/19 which came out negative. I wanted to know if this could be implantation bleeding. And if so, am I right when I say the pregnancy test (blood) wouldn't come out positive until 3 days after implantation takes place or 5 days with a urine test due to the hcg hormone not being released until the implantation has completly taken place. If anyone has any input please dont hesitate on replying. By the way I did have implantation bleeding with my son... Thanks a bunch!
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Name: duckie | Date: Jul 25th, 2010 10:58 AM
Hi Joy,
i kinda had the same experience, this week, LMP for me was 28june but i only have 24-25 day cycle which is pretty regular like you can be timed to a certain time of the day. Last sunday i had the bleeding (which i thot was period) But, it stopped and i only needed 1 liner so it was'nt v much. I was crippled with pms cramp all week, but thot it was weird as it was all in my tummy and usually it is only my back that gets the pain. I did HPT on thurs and friday (which is roughly the two days period was due-but both big fat negative) Pain on friday night convinced me it was deffo coming and the negatives, but still nothing sat morn, DH noticed my bulging 32a's and convinced me to test again yest morning and lo and behold was positive!!!! I have never had implantation bleeding or pms symptoms in my previous pregnancies. id say test 6 days after implant bleed, then you will know for sure. Hope all goes the way you wish for xx 

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