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Is everyone in this forum about to deliver?
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Name: DaneseS | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 3:41 PM
im due in july 

Name: Lola | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 3:44 PM
August 10th 

Name: soon2bmommy | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 4:01 PM
April 29th... so yes I am about to pop. I CANT WAIT lol. 

Name: missmara | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 4:02 PM
June 22 

Name: zoey9810 | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 4:18 PM
May 17th 

Name: Whittni | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 4:28 PM
april 30th!! 

Name: tubbybubble | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 4:39 PM
a while for me...oct. 11th 

Name: Kristy84 | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 4:40 PM
I'm not pg..had my little girl12/14 

Name: automansgirl | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 4:51 PM
November 30, I've got a while! 

Name: question | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 5:07 PM
October 4.... Not soon enough,but probly too soon.... lol 

Name: NIKKIS | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 5:16 PM
im due july 8th so no im not about to deliver lol 

Name: missheather | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 5:32 PM
I'm Oct. 5th so I've got a ways to go. 

Name: jemima_r_1982 | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 5:35 PM
i am not sadly :( i am due 18th december (so i am only 5 weeks 3 days) how about you? 

Name: Randi | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 5:37 PM
December 18th was my due date last year : ) 

Name: Marti | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 5:45 PM
One week ago :) 

Name: bmes | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 6:11 PM
May 22nd here!!

SOON2BMOMMY, April 29th, was my due date last year with Anika and I had her April 27th. lol.... 

Name: VeggieMom2B | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 7:12 PM
I'm doing May 10th , 37 weeks :) 

Name: Opheiliamath | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 7:18 PM
May 27 for me! 

Name: mybabyboy | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 7:24 PM
I wish I was but my due date is Oct. 4. 

Name: breemichelle | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 10:10 PM
April 24th according to 1st ultrasound, and April 29th according to my period (which I wasn't paying attention so it could be wrong) 

Name: ASHLEY | Date: Apr 21st, 2007 4:50 AM

Name: roseywosey | Date: Apr 21st, 2007 4:52 AM
well i hope not lol 

Name: Coartney | Date: Apr 21st, 2007 4:54 AM
had my little man yesterday april 19th 

Name: lubna | Date: Apr 21st, 2007 9:14 AM
im due in exactly 11 weeks and the dreams have started to scare me 

Name: JaimeJohnson | Date: Apr 22nd, 2007 6:37 AM
I am not due until December 15 ughhhhhhhhhh 

Name: A Mom To Be | Date: Apr 22nd, 2007 8:07 AM
Have been TCC (Trying to Conceive) since the end of September 2006 and are still trying.


Name: roseywosey | Date: Apr 22nd, 2007 8:14 AM
a mom to be. . . . do you have any kids? 

Name: sezbi | Date: Apr 22nd, 2007 9:23 AM
yeh im about to pop one out any minute now 

Name: A Mom To Be | Date: Apr 22nd, 2007 12:50 PM
No we are trying to conceive our first child, so no kids (only 2 cats). 

Name: cath_edwards | Date: Apr 22nd, 2007 1:51 PM
im due may 5th and look as though im about to explode any second, so excited now 

Name: natalee-j | Date: Apr 22nd, 2007 1:57 PM
im due may the 5th, i look and feel like a hippo lol, but am sooo exited 

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