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I have two more weeks to go! And this being my third baby I remember the torture of those last two weeks that seem like an eternity! Especially for your first! I am dilated 1 cm... Not even close! But I'm ok with not going into full labor! Since I've had two c sections before having a vaginal birth would be hard!
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Name: Bounty2009 | Date: May 20th, 2009 4:29 PM
Congratulations hun! Don't worry about it! You know once you hold your baby for the first time, all that torture will be worth it! Good luck with it all hun! Have you picked any baby names yet? check out http://www.bounty.com/babynames/ where you can search names by meaning and origin, I thought it was great when picking my babies name - My little boy is called Marlow xx 

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