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I am 17 and I think I am pregnant. I have estimated that I would be around 6 Ė 8 weeks but no more. I took a pregnancy test, which came back negative, but have been advised to take another in the next few weeks. I am also on the pill but have recently changed partners. We do not use any other contraception. All I want is a few opinions as to whether you think I am or not. For the past 3 weeks I havenít been feeling myself. I have been constantly tired, even though I get plenty of rest. During the day usually around late morning or early afternoon I feel nauseas like vomiting, although I only actually have twice. Or I feel dizzy or light-headed and seem to have a constant headache. I have been extremely moody and over-emotional, which is unlike me, and although my exercise and diet hasnít changed I have lost 3-4kgs in the past month. I am not stressed in any way at all that could have caused this and I eat healthily and have 3 meals a day. Lately though I have been very put off food, which is also very uncharacteristic, as I love my food. I also have a constant ache in my lower back. Initially I thought this was from horse riding but I have not been in the past month and there has been no change. About a week before I was due to have my period I had constant cramping in my lower stomach all day and night with some intense stabs of pain in the lower left of my abdomen. When my period came it was 4 days late and very light, only lasting around 3 to 4 days. This has never happened. I also feel really bloated occasionally but not too often, maybe a few days a week. I also experience hot flushes and sometimes feel uncomfortably hot on cold days. I have been extremely worried and am still not convinced by the negative test as my friend was also on the pill and had a negative test. She is now due to have a baby in 5 months. Any help or advice would be much appreciated!
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