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I've successfully done this with 2 children. Here is what you do: Without him knowing it, go through the name book, and write down a list of first names you like. Don't make the list terribly long, and make sure the names you pick, that you really truly could live with any of the names on the list. Here is why: Take the list of names to him, and say, "Here, I wrote down some baby names I like, I'd like you to pick the name from here that you like." If he does, then you have successfully named your baby. Now, for middle names. Do the same thing for middle names, on a different sheet of paper. Just make sure your middle names you write down, that no matter what he would pick, would sound good with the first name. It has been fool proof both times that I've done this. Good luck naming that baby!! The downside that could come out of this, he could hate every name on one or both lists, but if you have like lets say, 10 names on the first name list, and 10 names on the middle name list, then that should be enough for him to choose from.
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Name: cjsims | Date: May 8th, 2011 1:46 PM

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