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Name: disturbed angel
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Thank you so much for your prayers!Last night things got really bad and I truly thought we were gonna lose my precious baby but due to all the prayers across the US about 11:30pm things started turning around!! She quit throwing up,is now digesting all her feeds,her jaundice is so much better she isnt even under lights anymore!Today she has woke up (on her own!) for every feeding about every 3 hours and has been starving.She even tried to breast feed for about 10 minutes this afternoon then she drank her entire bottle :) So,thanks to all,as soon as we get home I will get pics up on myspace.If anyone wants an add it is illmakeluve2u
Nikki,Yes I am really happy we made it as far as we did,and I guess I expected a picnic from there on out,but maybe this is what we needed to be able to bond and not have to worry about everything else.How is Brooke?Daisy is awesome,but I miss her like hell :( this has been the hardest part of it all is leaving her behind :( but hopefully we will soon be back together! ;)Oh,yeah I am pumping to give her the best nutrition I can with hopes of exclusively breast feeding in the future.I love you too. :) are you still on my myspace?
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Name: NIKKIS | Date: Feb 5th, 2009 4:03 AM
yes i still have a myspace, it's www.myspace.com/nikkisplace

I am so glad to hear Lily turned around! I told you she was a fighter! Brooke is amazing! She will be 20 months old tomorrow! She is such a drama queen but I love it! She just strated saying here ya go! It is freaking adorable. I will keep praying for yall, and keep me updated! 

Name: GoldiLocks | Date: Feb 5th, 2009 5:13 AM
AwWWW Im so happy for you,
I knew she would be okay & pull through this!!
Wow, Power of Prayer is Amazing, Praise God!!

God bless you Sal , God bless you & your family! xo 

Name: Joeys_Mam | Date: Feb 5th, 2009 2:42 PM
Brilliant! :) 

Name: disturbed angel | Date: Feb 6th, 2009 5:42 PM
NEW UPDATE]]]]]]10:30 AM
Well,Lilly is regressing again.Out of the last $ feedings they have had to gavage 3 of them. :( then something came up in the middle of the night with her heart.I dont know yet what it is and probably wont until later when the doctor makes his rounds.We got new room mates last night....They are from our home town and the key witnesses for the court battle we have with Daisys dad on Feb 17.....How ironic is it that on top of all the rest of this I get to deal with the opposite side of the court room even in the hospital?I was trying to even forget it was coming up but now I can relax.I have asked them to move us to a private room at the other end of the NICU.Ill update later. 

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