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I am extremely scared right now, I am 15 and my boyfriend is 17. I know I am most likely not pregnant, but due to the medication I take for my ADD, which has a side affect of making me paranoid, I am nervous beyond belief.

The morning of June 1st, school was starting late tbecause of testing for the sophmores. Since I am a freshman and my boyfriend is a junior, I had went over to my Boyfriend's house to hang out and walk to school. We were alone in his bedroom after his mom left(his parents are divorced), and we started making out and he asked if I wanted to know what it felt like for him to be inside of me, so he put on a condom and I mounted him and we just sat there for a while and I told him I wanted him to push the head in and out of me, so he layed me down and he did this for a litle while and then I told him to push it all the way in just once and he did, then he continued to put it in half way, until he told me he was going to cum, so he pulled out and I think i saw cum inside the condom when he did so. This happened two days after I finished having my period, and he was wearing a condom during the whole thing and I didn't see any rips on it when it was on him or when he took it off. It was my first time and I am still paranoid that I might be pregnant, and I had side pains today for about 20minutes. I am too scared to tell my parents and I have no way of getting a pregnancy test, my best friend knows and he is very concerned but has no way of buying me one ethier because his mom is overprotective and would find out.
Is there any way I could have gotten pregnant from what happend?
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