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Hey has anyone ever gotten there period while pregnant???

I came off of seasonique and had LMP on September 1st

Intercourse was September 17th

I was pretty sure i was pregnant, i took several tests that were plainly negative... then i had one that was faintly positve, took a few others same result but just barely, like almost invisible to the naked eye, then they started coming back negative again so i thought chemical or i'm just hallucinatory...

A few days before i got my period again i started getting sick... i thought it was morning sickness, i also had headaches and backaches... (still having this) and i started having to go to the bathroom a lot more... not all of it really bad just off and on... I thought maybe my gut feeling was right and i was pregnant especially because my period was due and i was late...

On the 4th i started cramping so badly i thought i would pass out... I started bleeding heavily like more so then is normal for me... i assumed it was a miscarraige if i was pregnant... took another test and it was negative... i had bought multiple dollar store tests because i wanted to keep track... i assumed i had lost the baby i was so sure i was pregnant with...

only today (still on my period) i tested again just for the heck of it... and it was positive, not faint faint like the others where i had to hold it to the light, but in 3 minutes i had a barely pink line... not enough to pick up in this lightign on a camera but it was for sure there... i didnt even have to hold it to the light...

But i'm on my period....

i read thats possible... has it happened to anyone else???

Please let me know... if i'm pregnant i need to find a doctor

I'm going to get a blood test done this week but wanted to see if this had happened to anyone else...


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