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Oct 6 was my last day of period cycle, Oct. 20 was the last day I had unprotected sex. Well for the past few months I've been nauseaed like my sense of smell has increased. I have headaches that come out of no where, I eat a whole lot more, and have had adnominal pain going on, and Feb 7 (that night) and Feb 8( early morning I had a ticklish butterfly gas type feeling different from well actual passing gas. and later on it turn to light little kicks or hits in my belly. I have to pee more often then not now, I've actually gain weight from my set point 135 to swinging between 147&150. And it's all in the belly, hips and butt. I still get periods or rather light bleeding thats going on since Oct. The strange thing about this is, my cycle days are getting shorter and my "periods" are getting lighter, and I've started spotting, and getting brown blood and my cycles dont normally do that. This is the first time I'm experiencing something like this in life. I went to the clinic to test for pregnancy and the nurse did a urine test and it came back Neg, but after I explain my symptoms of whats been going on for the past couple of months, I was told to talk to a OBGYN since she says she wasn't train to do or go beyond urine tests. So I just want to know what's going on. Am I pregnant and the HCG levels werent high enough or showing or am I going through something abnormal??? And I know my mother had some light bleeding up until 6 months with me. But it's been just about 6 months with me, Im guessing from calculating online that I would be about 27 or 28 weeks. I'm usually fit since I'm athletic, but since Oct right now in April my belly sticks out like a small round pudge.
Please answer, I need help
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