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Hey everyone!
My name is Cassie and as of a week ago, I had a guy that wanted to be with me, marry me and have kids. I, on my own, decided long ago that I wanted children and once he revealed all that he wanted to do with me, I agreed.
But now, he doesn't want anything to do with me because he thinks I was never faithful (WHICH I WAS!).
Anyways, a week ago today, was one of my high fertility days and I made sure we had unprotected sex.
Now that a week has passed, I've been having random fits of nausea and today I feel like I could nap for hours and to add to that, I've craved ice cream (which I ate two cups of) and mini dill pickles; not at the same time of course!
I'm excited at the thought of finally having a baby because conceiving difficulties run in the family on my mothers side. So I guess you might be able to understand why I'm so terrified that I'm syking myself out.
I have googled all day at how early nausea, cravings and fatigue can begin in a pregnancy which boosted my faith.
All I'm really asking is for some advice and maybe if anyone had those same symptoms this early?
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Name: AshCherry513 | Date: Apr 4th, 2011 7:37 AM
Honestly, if I were you, I would be more concerned with why you want to get pregnant before thinking if you actually are or not. Why do you want to be pregnant with a man who doesn't want anything do with you? Why does he think you were unfaithful, and if he thinks this without any provocation on your part, then what kind of father do you think he'll be? If he ends up leaving you or refusing to support you or the baby, can you support the child on your own? How long were you with him before this incident happened and before you tried to conceive? Does he know the sex was unprotected?

As for your symptoms, there are some cases where a woman can feel these specific things this early on. Although, cravings usually start later, in my case and in my own research. If you truly think you're pregnant, start eating healthy and exercising regularly. In about 2 weeks take a pregnancy test-in my case, First Response was awesome and it gave me a positive result at about 2 or 3 weeks. Which was actually absolutely amazing. 

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