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Yesterday, me and my girlfriend had sex. Early that morning I ejaculated, but since then I peed between 1-3 times, I don't remember. That night, we had sex with a condom. During it the condom ripped, but I didn't ejaculate. She says my penis touched her vagina for about 2 seconds and she pushed me away. Then we put on a new condom and kept going. She said my penis felt a little bit wet, but she said it felt more like "the gross feeling from the condom", meaning the lube. She finished her period last Monday, so she was on day 12 of her cycle when we had sex. Does anyone know the odds of her getting pregnant? Advice and percentage estimations would be great! Do you think a morning after pill is necassary?

I've been told that pre-cum doesn't contain sperm, and it will only contain it if you ejaculate. I did but I've peed after, which should supposedly clear out all the sperm. I'm not circumsized. I also learned that the acidity in a girl's vagina would kill the weaker sperm. Assuming that this sperm is from the pre-cum, I heard it is a lot weaker or immobile. Any truths behind this?
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