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Name: Anne-Marie
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I've had my baby guys! 12th March 2006 @1pm; 7lb 9oz. Waters broke at 12.30am, contractions started 15 minutes later 10 minutes apart.

Went to hospital an hour later as they were 3 minutes apart. Had an epidural at 9.30am, delivered at 1pm after 4 pushes in 12 minutes. Stayed in hospital for 4 days.

My daughter's name is Charlotte Elizabeth, she is beautiful. Having a baby is wonderful and I can't wait to do it all again but I am exhausted now from it all.

I'm breastfeeding. I went for a walk today with the pram is was so wonderful. So take care everyone and good luck with your pregnancies, using BabyCrowd was great.

Anyone want to email me write your address in my guestbook on my journal and we can keep in touch. :)
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Name: Michelle | Date: Mar 17th, 2006 3:14 PM
Congratulations!!!!!!!! Glad to hear everything went well for you. Take care. 

Name: jenny to Ann-Marie | Date: Mar 17th, 2006 3:17 PM
CONGRATULATIONS Take care honey and let us know how u are doing. 

Name: jenn | Date: Mar 17th, 2006 3:49 PM
aaaaawww congratulations!!!!!!! did you post a pic of her on your journal??? i am going to go look... 

Name: Chris R | Date: Mar 17th, 2006 4:14 PM
Congrats! You went fast, and are so lucky they kept you in the hospital so long to rest! Good luck and enjoy your new little one! 

Name: Angela | Date: Mar 17th, 2006 5:11 PM
Congratulations on your little one. Glad to hear everything went well and you and Charlotte are both happy and healthy. Best of luck with the upcoming challenges of parenthood! 

Name: sara | Date: Mar 17th, 2006 5:17 PM

Name: Tara B. | Date: Mar 17th, 2006 8:00 PM
Big deal!!! 

Name: Irene | Date: Mar 18th, 2006 4:23 AM
Congratulations Anne-Marie,
Im really happy for you, Id loveto sign your guest book, do i need anything like nicknmae to go in there though?
May God bless you both,
take care and get plenty rest everytime she lays down for rest :-) 

Name: nora | Date: Mar 18th, 2006 4:39 AM
Well it's about time!! And congrats to you mommy and your little one... =D 

Name: Anne-Marie | Date: Mar 19th, 2006 3:31 AM
Hey all, thanks for all your replies. If you do a search for 'Anne-Marie' or 'Deity' you should find my journal if you want to leave a message in my guestbook.

I am loving being a mum, everything is so much better than I ever imagined - and I was really looking forward to it already. I really can't wait to do it all again (which means I will be on BabyCrowd some more), so maybe in a year's time when my body has recovered - Oh yeah I put on 23 kilos while preggo and have dropped a whopping 13kg in 6 days so bubs obviously took up a lot of room inside mamma bear with her body, the placenta and my waters. I can see my waist again and my boobs are bigger than my tummy again - woohoo!

I lost my card reader in hospital so I have just put an order in for another one, when it arrives I will transfer the photos I have of her to the computer and add them to my journal so you can have a look at my perfect precious little baby daughter - I love her so much. I really can't wait until you all have your babies, cos you will know whant I mean right now - it is so amazing.

Charlotte is having a sleep right now so I have quickly nipped on line to see if I can buy some furniture to add to her nursery to store all the clothes and things I have got from friends, family, relatives and everyone in the last 6 days! This baby needs nothing to be bought for her for a year!

Breastfeeding is great; I love it when she looks up at me. Charlotte is a very quiet and contented baby. I have a very quiet home with an organised lifestyle which is filled with a soothing and claming nature, very much like the birth I had. Hopefully this well behaved little girl will continue to be good, but if not, I am enjoying and apreciating it while she is - a lot of the other babies on the ward were just annoying, mind you the mother's were sitting watching TV and letting their babies cry for ages....

Oh well duty calls I have to sort out a million things before Charlotte wakes for a feed. Love to you all. Take care x x x x 

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