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7months pregnant and the father of my baby is in a relationship and has had nothing to do with me thru my whole pregnancy he has never been to any of my appointments or has never seen me pregnant this will also be his first child i am a first time mother and this is very hard for me being 17 and dealing with all of this on my own and plus the support of my mother and friends ,but its not the same. i would like to have the father of my bby here for me. sometimes i get depressed and feel as if im not enough. he and i dated for a year and 7 months and i still love him no matter. he was my first everything. this is a big step in my life thats changed everything. i have still continued going to school and i dont plan on dropping out i also plan on accomplishing all my goals in becoming a pharmicist, i understand that im young and imade a mastake but i dont regret my baby i wishthe father was here for me but he rather be with his new girlfriend i wanna try talking to him but idont wanna seem needy...what should i do ???
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Name: XandirsMummy | Date: May 3rd, 2011 6:07 AM
I'm not really sure what to do, but you should know you're not the only 1 going through this, so maybe talking to someone else about how they delt with their situation mite help.
I'm in the same place as you, 25w5d pregnant & haven't talked to the father since the day I found out about my baby. I'd like to talk to him about it too but not sure how.
A few differences with us, is I'm 21 & this will be his 2nd child (both boys too) but this is my 1st & I'm scared that my baby wont get to know his father.
My family & friends advice isn't helping at all "you're better off without him" doesn't fix anything.

So yea the only thing I can think of is finding someone else who's been here & dealt with it already.

Good luck xx
Let me know how ya get on ae :D 

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