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i will start from the beginning .... back in april last year i had a miscarrage. I got pregnant again in october i am now 24 weeks and 4 days . i went for my first u/s early because of the miscarrage . When i say early i mean 14 weeks as my hospital is so busy. At that scan i was told i was 16 weeks pregnant which would be right , 14 weeks from conception and my conceptiion date would be 22 october from what i could remember . My last lmp was 7 october . i was told at my u/s that the baby was measuring on target but that she would add on 1 day . on my second u/s i was 22 weeks and i was told that the baby was growing well i wasnt told anything else im not going private so when your not private the hospital dont spend to much time with you on your appointments but from what i saw it looked like she was measuring and she said everything was fine. my next u/s isnt until 20th april . but last saturday i had a private gender u/s and it was 3d too. i was 24 weeks .measurments were taken and i was told that baby was doing great and she was measuring 2 days ahead ? is this ok ? does this mean my conception date is wrong or will she even up within the next few weeks ? heartbeat was 129 bpm and she is 1lbs and 9 oz. Hope to get some feedback :) thanks
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