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Name: jetsaida
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Hi, i need ur help and advise... im desperate.. im 23, and im 7 weeks pregnant.. i was marry for 4 years and was not able to get pregnant with my ex, things didnt work out, so a few months ago we got separated... i was been treated for depretion and some eating disorders, i lost my job, and decided to go back and finish school... i started to see this guy i knew from work and stop the treatments cuz i was feeling better then never... now i found out im preg.. and i told him about it and ask him if he wanted to continued and he said yes... so, now 3 week later he wants me to terminated my bb.. he is not ready, he wants me to live, and go to school, etc... im o confused.. i do not agree with abortion, i do not want to kill my bb :'-( ... but everything looks bad, i feel so bad with d symptoms, my mom is currently sick, got hospitalize 3 time this past week for food intoxication and almost had a heart attack... i have to mention that im from Dominican Republic, but live in NJ a while a go, and my mom its in DR, that i never really got divorsed... and im screw up... :-( i do have a lot of family here and 2 of my sisters... but they have their own ploblems to solve.. i do not want to go back to be depresive again... i spended almost 2 years and 1 with treatment for it, and it was BAD.... plz help me
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Name: ShainaAnn | Date: Sep 27th, 2009 3:50 PM
A lot of people are facing a hard time with a pregnancy as we speak. If you don't believe in terminating a pregnancy, seriously consider adoption. One of the most unselfish decision some women face is giving their child an opportunity to live life with a family who will give them everything. If you are admitting you have depression problems, no job, you don't want to do it alone and you really feel THAT down about bringing a child into the world, adoption is an option. This is YOUR decision, no one elses. 

Name: tinkerbelle519 | Date: Nov 8th, 2009 2:09 AM
Aww if you do not want to terminate your pregnancy then that is your choice and your choice only. If you think that you will be able to have your baby and be able to take care of it, then do it. The world always seems to provide when you need it the most, just put faith into the universe. But if this is something that you do not wanna do, then there is no shame in giving it up for adoption. That is the greatest gift that you would be able to give someone. But the choice is yours!!! I hope that everything works out for you in your best interest!! Good luck! 

Name: Miz kitty | Date: Jul 19th, 2011 5:20 PM
Please feel free to call me or email me at [email protected] this is for jetsaida 

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