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guess where Im goin tomorrow???the dentist :) yay! i no the dentist would usually be the worst place for a bulimic but im excited because I no that this is the start of my recovery :) 7 and abit yrs is long enough! im excited to live. suppose my toothache is a blessing in disguise.my teeth are that bad, seriously have that many cavities, teeth are rotten. my worst tooth (why im goin to the dentist) has actually broken off and is rotten. i am in that much pain, nearly overdosed in ibuprofen im sure, not working. i no this sounds disgusting but i suppose this could help you, decide to stay strong and overcome anything you are goin thru because i wouldnt put this on anyone. my university exams are coming up now so cant afford distractions. anyone feel free to msg me, am always happy to talk to anyone. I no that it is only my second day of recovery but i really think this is the wake up call i need, and will be a very expensive one at that. may God be with you all and give u the strength to overcome this terrible disease. i have even started to write a book about my struggle :)
keep smilin :)

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Name: elizabeth121 | Date: Jun 12th, 2010 5:20 AM
I am very proud of you, first step then a second, You can do this. I am a Christian and no that God can give you the desire to get well. I have had sisters that have gone through this as well as I. Thank God that you are admitting you are sick and good luck in your recovery 

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