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you may find this stupid but this is how i feel, im not anorexic, but i just feel so down, ugly and fat. my sister has eating problems so my mum is very wairy of it. my mum n dad recently divorced. i constintally think im fat n ugly, n try not to eat, but in the end i have to give in, because i have dinner with my mum. or i get paranoid she thinks im not eating or something. so i eat. n i hate myself afterwards. i tryed the healthy option, eating healthily, 3 meals a day, and excersize, it didnt make me feel better, and i just felt fatter, as i was eating more. i really dont no what to do. i want to not eat. thats what so stupid, i want to be skinny, i want to make myself happily skinny, and then eat healthly once im happy with my weight, im confused. i think this is a good iddea, then i think its stupid, so i eat, and then i change my mind. i dont no. "/ help. any comments please
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Name: KellyAnnie | Date: Jun 21st, 2010 11:38 PM
anorexia won't help. once you stop eating, you get into a crazy mind set and you never feel thin enough. just try eating smaller, healthier portions and exercise. go for a good, long run everyday. it helps. soon you'll feel good about yourself. 

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