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I'm 17 and i am bulimic. I've been bulimic for a couple of years now. I'm very active and play soccer, basketball, and track. I'm constantly worried about food. I'm so active that I have no trouble losing or maintaining weight when I eat healthy I feel like I can't eat anything bad for me or i need to throw it up. I'll actually plan on throwing up before I start eating so that I can eat whatever and how ever much I want. i'm 5'6, 125 pounds, and very muscular. I don't want to lose weight, i just don't want to gain it. I'm able to stop for long periods at a time and feel great, but i always start again. My mom has caught me before and the rest of my family has heard me but hasn't said anything. I've gotten pretty good at hiding it. Some of my friends know, but it doesn't help that they have tried it too. I'[m just ready to stop and can't keep telling myself I can fix it alone. I need someone to talk to, i need help.
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Name: Emily22 | Date: Jul 22nd, 2010 9:49 PM
Im the exact same way. I play volleyball and I would eat a ton before a game and then go throw it all up afterwards so that I could blame it on playing but everyone figured it put anyways. My family and friends confronted me on many occasions and I even studied bulimia heavily but none of it could ever get me to stop. Then one day in class, a filling in my tooth just fell out and I knew exactly why and that's what finally made me stop. I feel like I'm about to relapse though and it's scaring me badly. I don't know how much help I can be but I would love to talk to you about it because I would like someone to talk to too because I don't like to scare my boyfriend by talking to him about it regularly. And since you're an athlete too I feel like we have a lot in common 

Name: tor1234 | Date: Jul 23rd, 2010 3:13 AM
I've been bulimic for 2 years. i was throwing up 7 times a day like 6 months ago and then i had to go into treatment because i was so sick. I also play soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. text me and we can talk. 703.509.9004:) 

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