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Hello in all,

I am French. I finished my artistic studies this year. Art is the best remedy against my bulimia for 3 years. Today I wish to speak about it through my art, and to share with the other young women in the same situation, because to communicate on our problem is a first step towards the reassurance.

My purpose is to surpass us, to expose(explain) what our body hides, I shall like gathering(combining) photography of girls / women's stomachs reached(affected) by eating disorders, this part(party) of body behind which nobody can suspect what hides from it. The stomach this thing(matter) which I hate so much, I decide to lay bare(to strip) her(it) to let off stream to me, provoke, expose(explain), gather(collect), calm.

If you want to be a member(part) of my project, I ask you simply to send the photography of your stomach on my e-mail address:
[email protected]
by indicating it your first name, your age, your disorder (anorexia, bulimia (emetic or not) etc.), how long you are reached(affected) by this disorder and your nationality.
Of course by sending your photography you make a commitment to accept that this one is seen.


Here is my site:
Http: // www.cmazzilli.com
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