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I am sixteen years old and have bulimic for about six months. I force myself to throw up after every meal, misuse laxatives, and never binge. It all started with jealously issues with my (now ex) boyfriend. I wanted to be the only girl he would want to ever look at, so I needed to be perfect. In order to do this, I became bulimic. Looking back, I see how stupid this plan was. I told him about this disorder and he became very worried. After about two months of trying to help me, it became too much for him and he broke up with me, promising to always help me with my problem. That was a lie. Now, not only do I have bulimia, but I don't have anyone to talk about it with. I'm not comfortable telling any of my friends or family members. My parents have been so proud of me for achieving a 4.0 gpa and being a responsible teenager in general. I've always been such a good kid, and if anyone finds out that I'm bulimic, it will change their view point of me. I don't want professional help. It all sounds so selfish, but if you were to put yourself in my shoes, you might get a glimpse at how hard it is.
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