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Name: Broken_perfection
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I posted this under another "Group" but....

This is kind of weird/embarrasing and soory if it is TMI to write about but...

I wanted to test my cervical possition, so I put my finger in as far as I could, but I dont really understand my findings.
The whole way from the bottom to the top it was pretty soft/squishy but just at the tip of my finger all the way in I felt something kind of hard but I couldnt get my finger in anymore.

Does anyone know what this could mean?
I am due for my period the 16th, but I have been feeling nausus on and off for a few days, my nipples are sore (kind of like a stinging?) and I have been gassy and crampy also. I have the "Im pregnant feeling" and so does my boyfriend, but Im not sure if I am. I have also been having more mucous like when ovulating but I already ovulated? Could this be a sign I am pregnant?

Also, I felt my cervics like a week ago and didnt feel this!

Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks!
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Name: sexybyotch36 | Date: Oct 12th, 2006 3:56 AM
if you had sex together, so its possible cuz its almost same as my experience as im a month preg at very first week we knew we are preg but i just think positive to get late period but didnt so i took preg test and it said positive that we are happy/.. so i suggest u to take preg test with 99% effective or see doctor for pee test.. then its all up to u guys to make this decision so good luck :) 

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