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I'm a teacher cadet trying to understand how eating disorders start. I have questions like: Do the opinions of others always play a part in the start of the disorders? How can you tell if someone's crossed the line between healthy dieting and actually doing harm to their bodies? What can you do to help when you discover something’s wrong? Are there support groups that help not only the sick but also their family and friends? How long can it take for someone to recover? Dose depression play a role? If someone could answer these questions I would be so grateful. Any other info would also be appreciated.
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Name: anna | Date: Mar 20th, 2006 3:34 PM
i am 13 nearly 14 and i have just started to become anorexic. i dont really know what started it for me all i can tell you is that i suffer from anxiety and although i havent been diagnosed i think i have depression. i dont think that i am fat i just dont want to be average i want to be etremely skinney like the supermodels in magazines and stuff so that played a vital role. i hopee i have helped xxx 

Name: Amy | Date: Mar 21st, 2006 11:04 PM
I think everyone has completely different reasons for developing an eating disorder, but its normaly a long the lines of, a way of trying to control one aspect of your life when other things going wrong. Its very hard telling the difference between a healthy person who watches what he/she eats and an anorexic. Pre-anorexics are sneaky people and there arent so many ovbvious signs as with bulimia (if you know what to look out for). My mum is the only person who knows about my ED and i would say the best thing she does to look after me is listen. I can talk to her about everything and she is such a rock. NEVER judge someone for having an ED, the worst thing you can do when someone has trusted you enough to tell you is get angry. People say you never fully recover from an ED, that its always in the back of yor mind even if your managing to maintain a healthy weight. They are very easy to slip back into, but at best it takes years. And yes, depression is a huge part of it, normally. Without depression, why would we harm our bodies to the extent that we'r so messed up we cant feel anything properly anymore...Hope this helped and that noone close to you is suffering from an ED. 

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