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hiiii im back ;D
so hows everyone been? lol
well i havnt done my extreme diet ( only eating dinner)
since xmas n ive gotten back to the weight tht i was at before i started so i really wanna start again but its sooo hard to start again, cos i majorly over eat and snack lol, anyone got advice?
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Name: lelan14 | Date: Jun 18th, 2008 4:31 AM
I am 17 years old and i suffer from Anorexia. Ever since I was 13 dinner to nothing was the only thing I ate. It landed me in the hospital and i am now recovering. My advice to you is, eat healthy, if you like to snack on treats choose a day. make it a sunday or a thursday and say to yourself okay, I am going to give myself a little treat. Don't deprive yourself. Eat healthy and make it fun too! Don't dwell on yucky vegetables try a delicious salad with grilled chicken on it. throughout the day eat fruit, or rice cakes, or crackers. also, portion control. its not about what you eat but how much of it. you can eat those high cal or fatty foods just take a few bites and be satisfied. Next is water. drink ALOT of water. make sure it is very cold and it will fill you up alot. or chew some mint gum to keep you busy. if you think about food and think your hungry, give it a few min. and think do i really want this. if yes, take two bites and be done, otherwise your craving might be gone. another big one is everyones least favorite. exercise. dont go right into it thinking your going to run a mile. start with a walk. take your dog, go with your friends, do a nice stroll. gradually it will become more natural. you will go faster longer develop methods. listen to some up beat music. also, if your bored dont just eat. go on a walk, read, watch tv, take a bath, anything. hope this helps and good luck! 

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